How do I book multi City flights on Delta?


A Brief Guide to Book Multi-City Flight Tickets on Delta Airlines

Have you been thinking to travel across multi-cities with Delta Airlines? Well, the infamous legacy carrier of the US offers great services to its passengers. Besides, the airline also provides multi-cities services to make your travel plans better. One can easily make their bookings for multiple destinations and ensure great travel plans as well. From a round trip to one-way to multi-destinations, you can make your reservations online without any hassle.

In addition, you can also enjoy the great benefits of your Delta airlines booking, and find the best fares for them as well. Also, you’ll not have to pay for the flight change fee if you book flight tickets for Main Cabin or higher cabins on Delta. Now, if you are also planning to book your flight tickets for multiple destinations, then read this guide further and get to learn about the online booking process.

How to Book Multi-City Flights on Delta? Stepwise process

•         At first, navigate to the official website of Delta Airlines in your web browser, then enter in the Book a Flight section, and then pick your travel type as Multi-City.

•         Now, go to the next page, then choose again choose your travel type as Multi-City, and then select the number of passengers travelling.

•         Next, you’ll need to choose your departure and destination airports or cities for the first flight, and then select the departure date for it as well. You can also select the connection airport.

•         Now, you’ll need to pick the departure and destination airports or cities for the second flight, and then select its departure date and add a connection airport if you wish to.

•         Hereafter, if you want, then you can also add other flights via using the Add flight link and provide the required details for the same as per your preferences.

•         Now, select the fare search option to make a selection for the desired fare type such as Basic Economy, Delta Comfort, First Class, Main Cabin Delta Premium Select, or Delta One.

•         Thereafter, select the Red Arrow button to find the available fares, and then pick the ones that fit your budget plans, and then you can provide the required passenger’s details as in contact info, address details, etc.

•         At last, go through the onscreen instructions to confirm and book multi-city flights on the delta.

Book Multi City flights on Delta via customer service

In case, if you wish to get more info on your Delta airlines booking, multi-city booking process, and other airline services, then contact its customer services experts and get the best and real-time assistance.

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