Is it safe to fly Aeromexico airlines right now?

Aeromexico is the flag bearer of Mexico and stands out from the crowd with its safety records. Aeromexico is the safest airline operating in Mexico and has been permitted to start its services in the United States of America again!

With the COVID outbreak, the airline postponed all of its flights to maintain the safety of its travelers. But, with the release of the restrictions, Aeromexico is back in the business while following all the preventive measures. 

How safe is Aeromexico?

With the pandemic hidden right in the corner, getting confusing thoughts- is Aeromexico a safe airline is very common. To release your tension, here is a fact about Aeromexico- the airline successfully got seven out of seven points in terms of safety. Take note of the given protocols taken by Aeromexico to provide a safe and sound journey:

  • Aeromexico has adapted several new implementations to upgrade the safety and cleanliness status of all of its airlines.
  • If you are accompanied by a kid below the age of two years, it is not necessary to put on a mask for the child.
  • If you have authentic documents showing your exemptions from using a mask, you can travel without wearing a mask.
  • The airline necessitates a considerable distance between yourself and your travel companion or fellow traveler.
  • Limit your contacts with frequently touched surfaces and railing to stay on the safe side as much as possible.

Does Aeromexico require a Covid test?

Get fully vaccinated, and do not forget to sanitize your hands frequently. For the travelers wondering, does Aeromexico require a Covid test? The answer is YES! Aeromexico has made it necessary for all passengers above two years of age to submit a PCR or antigen test stating that they are negative to the virus and healthy to cover their journey.

Contact Aeromexico customer service for safety-related queries

The airline's customer service team provides terrific service and help in the time of your demanding situation. If you have any safety-related queries before traveling with Aeromexico, you can contact them by choosing any of the mentioned methods:

  1. Via Call
  2. Via Live Chat
  3. Via Social Media
  4. Via Request Form

Choose any of the mentioned methods and you can ask anything you need to know about your safety concerns. Visit the official Aeromexico website and get through all the restrictions imposed based on your residing demography. Stop wondering, is Aeromexico safe as the airline stands tall with its safety records. But, if you are still uncertain and need professional assistance, you can contact the airline's customer service team.

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