Is Allegiant better than Spirit?

SPIRIT AIRLINES: Spirit Airlines, Inc. is a low-cost American airline based in Miramar, Florida, in the Miami metropolitan area. Spirit Airlines has scheduled flights all over the United States, as well as in the Caribbean and Latin America.

ALLEGIANT AIRLINES: Allegiant Air is an ultra-low-cost airline based in the United States that operates both scheduled and charter flights. It is the fourteenth-largest commercial airline in North America as a major carrier.


As the year 2021 approaches, you may be considering flying inside the United States or to the Caribbean. Spirit Airlines and Allegiant are two of your airline options. Both will transport you to the next great adventure.

Allegiant Airlines is a smaller airline compared to Spirit Airlines. They do, however, compete for the same dollar, which is why we're comparing them. Let's start with the fundamentals:

The beginning

Spirit Airlines was established in 1964 (under a different name) and renamed Spirit Airlines in 1992.

Allegiant was created in 1997 and is a "Scheduled Air Carrier" with the authority to fly scheduled and charter airline operations throughout the United States, according to the US Department of Transportation (DOT). The company also has charter service jurisdiction to Canada and Mexico.

The fleet's size

  • Spirit has 157 planes in its fleet.
  • Allegiant has 107 planes in its fleet.
  • Both airlines only fly Airbus planes.


  • As of March 2, 2021, Spirit flies to approximately 75 destinations around the world, offering year-round and seasonal service.
  • Allegiant serves roughly 126 destinations year-round and seasonally as of March 2, 2021.

Baggage fees

Checked baggage is charged per ticketed passenger on both Spirit and Allegiant, with size and weight restrictions.

Seating is available

With the exception of Spirit, which offers "the big seat up front," both airlines have only one seating class. You will be charged for your seat assignment in both cases, the larger the seat the costlier the rate.

Food and beverage

  • On Spirit flights, they sell a wide range of food and beverages that can be paid for with a debit or credit card. Since making a change in the sky is difficult, cash is not allowed aboard. As a result, they are able to keep our rates low for all of our passengers. 
  • On allegiant air, the nature and quantity of these meals vary greatly depending on the airline and class of travel. On short-haul flights, they range from a small snack or soda in economy class to a seven-course gourmet meal in first class on long-haul flights. The food offered varies greatly by country and often incorporates elements of local cuisine, often from both the origin and destination countries. Food was the primary means by which airlines distinguished themselves in the American domestic market when ticket prices were regulated.

Wi-Fi and entertainment

  • Until now, Spirit Airlines did not have onboard Wi-Fi. Spirit Airlines, on the other hand, has revealed that high-speed in-flight Wi-Fi will be available on Airbus A320 family jets very soon. The cost of Wi-Fi per flight is estimated to be $6.50. According to Spirit Airlines' CEO, installing WIFI is part of the company's strategy to improve its product range.
  • Unfortunately, none of Allegiant Air's aircraft provide passengers with wireless internet connectivity or Wi-Fi. It also doesn't have any kind of in-flight entertainment. As a result, while traveling on Allegiant Air, you won't be able to use the internet or other entertainment services while onboard. Allegiant Air has not mentioned whether or not it wants to provide in-flight Wi-Fi services in the future. For more information contact Allegiant air customer service
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