Is Frontier a good airline?

Frontier Airlines, based in Denver, Colorado, is an ultra-low-cost airline in the United States. Frontier Airlines employs over 3,000 people and serves over 100 destinations in the United States as well as 31 overseas destinations. Indigo Partners, LLC owns and operates the carrier, which has a hub at Denver International Airport and a number of focal locations across the United States. 

In-flight service:

The airline's Airbus 321s, A320s, and A319s have 19-inch wide middle seats, which are broader than the window and aisle seats and, as of July 2015, are the biggest middle seats of any airline in the United States. On lengthier flights, the A321ceo and A321neo have industry-standard seat pitches of 30"-32". On their A320ceo and A320neo, which are commonly used on shorter flights, the airline uses a seat pitch of only 28′′-29", the tightest seat pitch of any airline in the United States. Frontier Airlines' Airbus A319, which is being phased out, features 28"-31" seats. The airline "pre-reclines" the main cabin seats, and there are no televisions attached at any of the seats to conserve weight.

Stretch row seating includes an extra 5-8" pitch, full-reclining seat, lumbar support, and diamond stitching, and is offered for an additional cost or is FREE for Frontier Elite Program members. 

Program for frequent flyers:

Frontier Miles is Frontier Airlines' frequent-flier program, which replaced the EarlyReturns program, which ran from 2003 to 2018. Flying Frontier Airlines, using the Frontier Airlines World MasterCard, or spending at partner hotels, car rental businesses, cruises, and retailers can all earn Frontier Miles. Flights, magazine subscriptions, and vehicle rentals may all be purchased with Frontier Miles. Hotel stays have been included in the redemption choices from February 2019.

Frontier Airlines has a three-tiered frequent flyer program. Elite 20K (20,000 Status Qualifying Miles [SQM] or 25 segments flown in a calendar year), Elite 50K (50,000 SQM or 50 segments), and Elite 100K (100 segments flown in a calendar year) are the grades (100,000 SQM or 100 segments). Free carry-on and checked baggage, advanced seat assignment and family seating, priority boarding, elimination of redemption fees, stretch seating, Discount Den membership, and mileage multipliers are among the elite privileges. 

Is Frontier Airlines a reliable airline? 

Is frontier a reliable airline? All of the planes have comfortable seating and in-flight passenger services. Both the seats and the cabins have lots of legroom and space. In-flight entertainment is offered for all passenger classes onboard airplanes.

Frontier Airlines allows you to book domestic and international flights online. Cheap plane tickets can be found on the airline's website or through a number of online travel agents. Booking a flight online is the most convenient way to discover a low-cost flight. Other advantages of buying flights online include having access to airline schedules and status updates.

Is Frontier Airlines a reputable carrier?

Is frontier a good airline? If you're flying with a family and want to pay for seat assignments, Frontier is a good option. Families with little children should also take heart: while flying with a child, a stroller and car seat can be checked for free.

  • If you join up for Frontier's Discount Den program, you'll be able to use the Kids Fly Free feature, which allows one child (age 14 or under) to travel for free with any adult who qualifies for a Discount Den fare.
  • Because flight rates (for all airfares) fluctuate frequently, selling tickets for many passengers at both standard and Discount Den fares is a good idea. The Discount Den fare does not guarantee a lower price at all times.

Is Frontier a safe airline?

Is frontier a safe airline? Frontier has never experienced a fatal plane crash in its quarter-century of operation.

While there is no official rating of airlines based on safety, Frontier was named to's Top 10 Safest Low-Cost Airlines list for 2021.

What you spend for is precisely what you get.

Frontier remains a viable airline option for me, despite being an ultra-low-cost carrier. We recommend that you plan ahead of time so that you get exactly what you want from your flights.

One of the things that stood out to us about Frontier was how well-trained their employees were and how they went out of their way to make their customers feel at ease. The flight attendants were exceedingly nice and went out of their way to ensure that as many passengers as possible were satisfied.

Before making a reservation, do your homework:

People should conduct their investigation before purchasing a ticket to ensure that they are satisfied with what they are receiving. If Frontier isn't a good fit, it's certainly worth spending a bit more elsewhere to acquire the amenities you want. 

What kind of planes does frontier airline use?

  • Aircraft: Airbus A319-100 

Service: 3 are currently serving.

150 passengers

Notes: This item will be withdrawn in 2021.

  • Aircraft: Airbus A320-200 

Service: 19 are currently serving. 

180 passengers

  • Airbus A320neo

Service: 67 are currently serving. 

Orders: 79 orders

186 passengers

Notes: From 2021 to 2006, deliveries will be made.

  • Aircraft  Airbus A321-200

Service: 21 are currently serving.

230 passengers

  • Aircraft Airbus A321neo 

Orders: 30

240 passengers

Notes: Delivery dates are from 2021 to 2026.

  • Aircraft Airbus A321XLR.

Orders: 18 orders


Notes: Delivery will begin in 2024.

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