Is it safe to fly with LOT Polish Airlines?

Being a flag-carrier of Poland, LOT Polish Airlines is one of the safest options for travel purposes. The airline is certified with 3-star for its safety management and impeccable service on the ground and in the air. The best thing worth noticing about LOT is that even in the pandemic situation, the airline has maintained its position in terms of safety.

So, if you are planning to book a flight and are wondering- is LOT a safe airline, then stop thinking. LOT can be your best bet if you want to travel overseas in a safe and comforting environment.

Safety measures are taken by LOT Polish

LOT cares about its passengers and their well-being; it has installed all the necessary measures in its aircraft. Check below-mentioned points that can confirm the authenticity of LOT Polish even in the pandemic situation-

  • The airline takes care of its travelers and workers to feel safe and secure in their travel and working space.
  • One can find high-quality rules and regulations imposed in high-quality to maintain the cleanliness in all of its flights.
  • The airline has recently started a campaign- #FlySafeFlyLOT, ensuring that the rules and regulations are taken seriously.
  • Some general travel recommendations provided by the airline must be abided by if you do not wish to get the virus.
  • Cabin crews circulate the Health Declaration and Passenger Locator Form if the traveler has booked the flights to Poland.
  • A traveler must wear a face mask covering the mouth and the nose areas to ensure that the virus does not get reciprocated.
  • There are other measures to comply with, as a passenger must follow the cough, sneeze, and hygiene principles until they reach the destination and deplane.
  • Use water and soap to disinfect your hand and regularly sanitize your hands to make sure you do not catch the virus.
  • While using a tissue, make sure that you throw it in a closed bin and never forget to use sanitizer afterward.
  • There are some other precautions to follow for some particular airport, so contact the airline and get a good understanding of LOT Polish safety rules.

Is LOT polish a good airline?

Due to the unstable pandemic situation, it is highly recommended to go through all the protocols enforced by LOT Polish. Also, if you are not still sure and stuck with a thought- is LOT a good airline, then contact the LOT customer service and ask all of your safety-related queries.

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