Is Spirit $9 fare club worth it?


What are the benefits of Spirit $9 Fare Club?


Is joining spirit’s $9 fare club a good idea for you? It provides you with unique access to low fares and vacation packages, but there are a few additional factors to consider. When flying with spirit, here’s what to anticipate and how to make sure you are receiving the best deal possible. 

What does it mean when the spirit is a low-cost airline? 

Low-cost carriers such as spirit airlines in the United States exert downward pressure on all airline fares. This benefits passengers greatly by lowering the cost of other airline tickets. While low-cost carriers like the spirit or frontier (the competitor to spirits) often have the lowest base fares on each route they fly, you should keep in mind that they charge a lot more than other airlines for things like carry-on luggage, seat assignments, and even water.

So, is joining spirit’s $9 Fare club worth the money? Let’s have a look. 

Basics of the spirit $9 fare club- what you get: 

  • Fare sells at a discount. 
  • Checked and carry-on baggage prices are reduced. 
  • Members of the $9 fare club receive a discount on some fares, but not all. Members of the $9 fare club get a discount on most fare transactions. Per person, per direction, the saving is approximately $11+.

You and up to 8 more passengers on your itinerary are eligible for benefits. In order to get membership advantages, passengers must be booked on the same booking confirmation number as the $9 fare club member, for more information chat with Spirit airlines customer service live agent.
What is the difference between the $9 fare club ticket prices and regular ticket prices? 

Spirit’s $9 fare club pricing is frequently $10, $15, or $20 less each trip than regular ticket pricing. That’s comparable to the discounts you had to obtain if you bought your tickets at the airport. You might see a $9 fare on your outbound flight but not on your return. Alternatively vice versa. They aren’t always available, keep an eye on the flights to determine if it would be beneficial to you. 

The Baggage Reduction

When you join the Spirit $9 Fare Club, you get a discount on baggage (both carry-on and checked), and this is where the $9 Fare Club has saved us the most money. You must purchase your bag more than 24 hours before your flight to get the best price. For a checked bag and a carry-on bag, being a $9 fare member saves you $9 (each trip). When you check-in online, the price rises up $10 per bag each trip, yet the $9 fare member still saves $9.

How long does it last?

The $9 subscription is valid for 365 days after purchase. If you purchase it on November 8, 2017, your membership will end on November 7, 2018. 

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