Is TAP Portugal a good airline?

TAP Portugal, a major flag-carrier of Portugal, is a 3-star certified airline catering its services in many scenic destinations. With TAP Portugal's flexible booking option by your side, you can lead a comfortable and contented journey to your destination. TAP qualifies all the standards of being a safe airline because of its impeccable onboard amenities and products. 

Is it safe to fly with TAP Portugal?

So, if you wish to travel in this pandemic situation and need an answer to is TAP Portugal a safe airline, stop wondering. Continue reading the article and get all the information related to safety measures during the pandemic situation.

Safety policies at TAP Portugal

TAP Portugal is one of the safest and good choices if you want to travel on a flight endowed with amenities. TAP Portugal can be considered a good airline because of its flexible seat assignments, delicious food, and beguiling cabin staff. To know better about the safety measures introduced by TAP Portugal, take help from the further written points:

  • All the passengers traveling with a connecting flight to countries not part of the European Union, not associated with any of the Schengen Area, Canada, or from the United Kingdom must bring RT-PCR test documents with a negative result.
  • The RT-PCR test must be performed within the 72 hours calculated before the scheduled departure; the traveler will be denied onboarding when you fail to do so. Also, you can contact the TAP customer service to get the best possible assistance on your safety-related queries.
  • If you still need to know is TAP Portugal a good airline, then you should go online and see the safety ratings of the airline. TAP Portugal cares a big deal about its passengers, which is why it follows all the safety measures.
  • The passengers at TAP Portugal are obligated to wear a face mask throughout the boarding and deplaning process. 
  • All the passengers, aging more than six years, must be wearing a mask throughout your journey and should not remove it until necessary.
  • TAP Portugal inclines over the usage of surgical masks as it has been approved by health officials worldwide.
  • If a passenger faces any health issues making them unable to wear a mask throughout, they must bring an authentic Medical Authorization to continue their travel with TAP Portugal.

Is TAP Portugal a safe airline?

Stop questioning- is TAP Portugal a safe airline and book a ticket now to experience the joy of traveling even in this pandemic situation. For TAP Portugal, clients and crew getting transported safely is the main priority, and to make the passengers even more comfortable, TAP Portugal provides a sterile and safe milieu.

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