What happens if a flight is cancelled by Singapore Airlines?

Are you wondering about what happens if your Singapore Airlines flight is cancelled? This page may be of assistance to you if your Singapore Airlines flight, on which you were planned to fly on an upcoming trip, has been cancelled and you are unsure what to do about it. If a passenger's flight is cancelled for any reason, Singapore Airlines gives the most comprehensive assistance in a correct manner. The specifics regarding the rules that Singapore Airlines follows when cancelling a flight may be found below.

Know what happens if Singapore Airlines cancel your flight

It is possible that Singapore Airlines will have to cancel a flight owing to a variety of unforeseen causes. In that scenario, the airline has specific guidelines to follow in the passenger's favour whose flight has been cancelled. Singapore Airlines customer service can advise passengers on what they may do if their flight is cancelled. Furthermore, if you want to know what will happen if Singapore Airlines cancels your flight, you can find the specifics regarding their cancellation policy in the below section.

    • If your flight is cancelled by Singapore Airlines, you will be able to rebook a flight or receive a refund for the amount of your ticket that was not utilized as per their policy.
    • As part of the Singapore Airlines travel waiver policy, if your flight is cancelled by the airlines, you might well be entitled to extra flight credits from them.
    • When Singapore Airlines cancels your flight, you can rebook an alternate flight by going to the help request page and selecting the rebook option from there.
    • Please keep in mind that if Singapore Airlines cancels a flight and you want to book an alternative flight, you wouldn't be permitted to do so using Manage Booking.
    • If you decide not to travel, you can demand a refund or flight credit for the unused portion of your flight ticket that was purchased in full with a credit/debit card or cash.
    • If you opt to seek a refund for the amount of a totally unused airline ticket in form of flight credits, you will be entitled to additional credits ranging from SGD 75 to SGD 500.

Furthermore, you may contact the Singapore Airlines phone number for additional assistance if you find yourself in a similar scenario where your flight has been cancelled and you're not sure what to do next. You may also contact the airline's customer service department if you require any more assistance with a flight booked with them.

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