What to do if TAP Portugal cancels my flight?

TAP Portugal intends to provide commendable services in the air and on the ground too. TAP Air stands out from the crowd with its friendly service, from exceptional online booking facilities to flexible booking options. But, if the airline itself cancels your flight because of some uncontrollable situation, the airline will compensate for the inconvenience.

Also, if you face any other trouble or need to know about the cancellation policy of TAP Air, consider calling the customer service number.

The cancellation policy at TAP Portugal

What to do next when TAP Portugal cancelled my flight is one of the most genuine questions asked by travelers. If you also face the same trouble, read the mentioned points to understand the cancellation and compensation policy of TAP Portugal:

    • If the airline cancels your ticket, the airline will shift your booking to the next possible flight available.
    • The shift to another flight will be made by the airline without enforcing any extra surmounting charges.
    • The traveler can make amendments to the new flight if they are not satisfied with the alternative flight’s itinerary.
    • Also, travelers can request a reimbursement if they do not wish to continue with their journey on the new booking provided by the airline.
    • The TAP Portugal customer service is highly active, and one can take help to make an instant shift or refund request on their cancelled flight.
    • If TAP Air cancels your flight, you have all the right to get a full refund. The mentioned statement stays untrue if the airline offers you the next best flight to help you cover the journey.
    • A traveler can also request the next new reservation without paying any extra charges to the airline.

Take a brief note of the mentioned points, and then take action accordingly if your flight gets canceled at TAP Air.

When TAP Air cancels a flight?

TAP Air is subjected to cancel a flight due to any of the mentioned reasons:

    • Unfavorable weather conditions are the most significant factor leading to the difficulty in the operation of the flight.
    • Unmanageable incidents and traffic strikes at the airport can cancel a flight with TAP Air.
    • TAP Air can cancel your flight due to military orders or government orders that directly or indirectly suggest canceling any operating flights.
    • If the pilot is unwell or in the condition where an alternate pilot cannot be found within the given notice period, the airline can cancel your flight.

TAP Air takes all the accountability if the flight is cancelled on their orders. TAP Air tries its best to compensate for the inconvenience you might face due to the cancellation. Also, you can take the help of the TAP Portugal customer service if you face any trouble in getting a new booking or refund for your cancelled flight with TAP Air Portugal.

Official weblink: https://www.flytap.com

Regarding changes or cancellation visit: https://www.flytap.com/en-us/booking-information/changes-and-cancellations

Covid 19 booking change T&C: https://www.flytap.com/en-us/special-conditions


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