What is Southwest Airlines Pregnancy Policy?

Southwest Airlines is the preferred airline as they offer the facilities according to the passenger's satisfaction. You can grab all the facilities and reserve the flight online to your preferred destination. If Female passengers are found pregnant after booking the flight ticket, they need to adhere to the terms and conditions. Thus below mentioned are the points regarding the southwest airlines pregnancy policy that you can read and get all the details:

  • Travelling cannot harm you during pregnancy. But travel by air can cause complications or premature labor. 
  • If you find that you are pregnant, you need to consult your doctor before flying with southwest airlines. 
  • Southwest advises you not to travel after the 38th week of pregnancy as it leads to complications. 
  • You must arrive early at your airport so that you have enough time to walk to the gate. 
  • You can ask the strong passenger to lift your bags into the overhead bins on the plane. 
  • Passengers must be hydrated before or after the flight journey. You must bring healthy snacks you can munch on if you feel hungry. 
  • If you are in the past 20 weeks of the pregnancy, you must carry health insurance and submit the doctor's prescription. 
  • If you are on a long-haul flight with southwest airlines, you must have good blood circulation and do some inflight exercises or leg stretches on the journey. 
  • You must wear loose and comfortable clothes to adjust in the flight according to the temperature. 

Procedure to book southwest airlines flight with pregnancy:

Southwest airlines allow you to book the flight and add special assistance for the pregnancy. Once you understand southwest airlines' pregnancy restrictions, you can get the flight ticket online or with the customer service team. For this, you can follow the below steps and book the flight:

  • Initially, you can access the official website of southwest airlines.
  • Then, you can make the booking online according to the travel type, destination, and a number of passengers.
  • When you choose the appropriate flight, you need to add the special assistance option. 
  • There, you need to select the pregnancy type and add the medical documents accordingly. 
  • If you are under the rules and regulations, you will proceed to the new page to continue the booking.
  • Southwest airlines will provide special facilities to you on the flight related to the pregnancy. 
  • When you make the payment, they will send you the confirmation message at your registered email id. 
  • Once you reach the airport, southwest airlines will take care of your health and ensure you can travel comfortably.
  • Although, you can access special assistance related to the pregnancy at the preferred airport and get a comfortable journey. 

Connect with customer service:

Apart from the online process, you can also add special assistance from the customer service team. Thus, you need to dial the southwest customer service number at 1 (800) 435-9792 and listen carefully to the automated voice commands. When you choose the relevant button, your phone call will be allocated to the representative on the spot. You can ask them to add special assistance related to the pregnancy and reserve the flight. The southwest airlines customer service team is accessible 24 hours a day for guidance.

Does Southwest require a doctor's note for pregnancy? 

Yes, southwest airlines require a doctor's note regarding the pregnancy for the travel. When you reach the 28th week of pregnancy, you must submit the medical certificate within ten days of the departure. If your flight journey is more than four hours, you will not allow flying to your destination after 36 weeks of pregnancy. However, you can get through with the customer service team and get all the travel restrictions during pregnancy. 

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