British Airways or Emirates, which is a better option to travel with?

Most travelers prefer to compare airlines before they book their flight tickets. The most common comparison is between British Airways and Emirates. Since both of these airways provide luxurious travel experiences & unbeatable support services to their customers they are the most commonly preferred option to travel with. 

Emirates vs. British Airways

Everybody has a different set of criteria to finalize the airway. Let us compare both British Airways and Emirates in detail based on the different parameters:

British Airways is one of the most popular Airlines that provide its passengers with the following facilities:

1) They allow their customers to carry a generous amount of free luggage.

2) They display a fee that is inclusive of all the charges and there are no hidden charges.

3) They facilitate the bar service to customers and also offer delicious meals on flights.

4) They provide the facility of priority boarding as well.

Emirates vs. British Airways economy class

On the other hand, Emirates Airlines is the flag carrier airline of the United Arab Emirates and is known to provide the following great benefits to its passengers:

1) They provide its passengers the facility of extra room that is most important for a comfortable journey.

2) Custom lighting that can be managed according to the wishes of passengers.

3) In-sky Wi-Fi service is one of the most important features that enable us to use the internet, even mobile phones in the sky. So if we compare Emirates vs. British Airways economy class, then Emirates strongly stands out due to its impeccable facilities for the passengers.

4) Emirates also has satellite telephones and on-screen email services provided on every seat.

Now, after you have a brief knowledge about each of the airlines in the above section, let us compare Emirates vs. British airways in detail form.

  • Based on the Number of destinations covered: If we consider the number of destinations covered by both the airlines, then British Airlines serves more destinations as compared to Emirates.

British Airways flies to more than 200 places in approximately 79 countries while Emirates covers a total of 136 destinations in 75 countries. British Airways provides connecting points in London.

If you wish to fly from the USA, you can take emirates flights between:

           New York-JFK and Milan, Italy.

           New York-Newark and Athens, Greece.

  • Based on the Extra fee charged: If we take the condition of charged fee for extra baggage on both the flights, then Emirates is a clear winner.

Emirates allows passengers to carry one extra bag with no additional fee charged but charges a fee for the seat selection, but the price of the additional fee is still very less compared to British Airways.

  • Based on the flight experience: British airways have made quite a lot of improvements in its inflight services, but still, the services provided by Emirate are unmatchable.

British airways vs. Emirates business class

The British airline provides power points at every seat and comparatively larger screens than its previous flights, but if we talk about Emirates, then along with the great cabin, they take care of the entertainment of their passengers too. Spacious seats, good food, Wifi, and customized lights make Emirates a clear winner over British airways.

So if we compare British airways vs. emirates business class, then it is very clear that Emirates provides all the comfort along with the entertainment.

  • Based on the Airline loyalty program: Even though both British Airways and Emirates have the same structure of earning and providing rewards miles to the flyers based on the distance of the flight and traveling class. Emirates provides skywards that are known to be more valuable than British Airways Avios.

Emirates flyers can earn Skywards miles based on the distance of the traveled flight, which cabin booked, and the traveling class, while British Airways earn Avios on the basis of flight distance covered and a class of flight ticket. Emirates doesn’t publish an earning chart but instead provides a calculator that passengers use to see how many miles they'll earn from Emirates flights.

Concluding the above comparison we can say that both the Airlines have their own pros and cons. If you have doubts, is British Airways better than Emirates? Then the answer lies in the parameter you are choosing to make a comparison. If we consider the number of destinations then definitely the British airline is better as it covers much more destinations, as well as London is a much more convenient boarding/connecting point as compared to Dubai specifically for U.S based travelers. But if Entertainment, food, or in-flight comfort is your main preference, then you must proceed to book a flight with Emirates.

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