Read about name change provisions of Malaysia Airlines

When you plan your trip with Malaysia Airlines, the time of buying the fare is if you mistakenly entered the passenger's name incorrectly. After that, if you wish to omit them by carrying on reading here, you might be aware of the steps that you can take further.

Know about the Malaysia Airlines name change policy

While getting to the name change procedure, at first, you get to progress the knowledge about the name statutory provisions. And the provision you can locate in the Malaysia airlines name change policy, which details have been displayed beneath:-

  • When you change the name of your itinerary within 24 hours of booking, you might not get to pay any extra charge for the name change.
  • You can omit up to three characters in your name if two form your first name and one letter in your surname.
  • If the passenger has to correct more than three-letter, you might get paid for that. But there are also restrictions for that, and if you wish to make more changes to the prescribed rule, then you get to contact customer service.
  • You get to change the name on your ticket prior to getting the fight ticket and after that, but there are different conditions for those circumstances.
  • While correcting the name in your flight ticket, the airline might ask you to show the passport for verification. 
  • You can change your name from the airline when you have purchased the ticket from them, but if the ticket is taken from the travel agent, the airline might not take cognizance of this matter. You get to communicate with them for a name change.

Manner to change the name on Malaysia Airlines

When you have to get by the rule and resolution set by the airline and get entitled to change your name, you can use any of the methods displayed beneath and complete the procedure.

Mode1: via website 

On Malaysia Airlines, you can change your name on your own from its website.

  • Visit Malaysia Airlines' official website with this
  • After that, click on the manage icon.
  • And then, type the booking reference number with the passenger's last name.
  • Now, click on the name change icon 
  • Further, edit your name and click on the next icon 
  • Then complete the payment f there is any and click on the finish icon.

Mode2:- via customer service

If you are having difficulty with Malaysia Airlines changing your ticket name through the website, you can approach the customer service team by calling.

  • If you have to approach within Malaysia, then you can dial this number 1 300 88 3000
  • And for outside of Malaysia, you can dial this number, +603 7843 3000

Discover about name change fees on Malaysia Airlines 

When you go for the name correctly on Malaysia Airlines, there is a situation where you get to pay for changing the name. And the Malaysia airlines name change charges are as follows:-

  • You can change your name to free up three character 
  • But after ticket issuance, you get to pay around $12
  • And for more than that, you get to pay around $35

Thus this is all about the name change topic of Malaysia Airlines. Still, in any instance, you can approach its customer service team and seek resolutions.

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