How to add baggage to Malaysian Airlines?

If you have a flight with Malaysian Airlines and are looking to add baggage to the flight for this, you don't know how to add it; for this reason, you are searching for how to add luggage on a Malaysian Airlines flight; thus, there are two ways to add baggage allowance on Malaysia Airlines; to learn about them, you should consider the below.

Add baggage online:

  • Go to the Malaysia Airlines and click on the manage booking

  • Enter your booking reference number and last name,

  • View your booking details, and continue to the "add extra baggage" option,

  • Select the amount of extra luggage you need and proceed to payment.

Add baggage by call: Contact the Malaysia Airlines call center at +60 3 7843 3000. After connecting the call with the customer service agent, you may inform them that you want to add extra luggage to your booking. Provide your ticket number and details about the extra baggage you require. The airline will add it after the completion of the payment.

Does Malaysia Airlines provide extra baggage for students?

Yes, the Malaysia Airlines baggage allowance for students offers extra luggage for the students through their MHexplorer program, which is designed for students aged 13 to 26 and offers benefits:

  • Up to 20% discount on flights- Students can enjoy a discount on their flight tickets throughout the year.

  • 10kg additional baggage allowance- Students can pack more for their trip without paying extra for excess baggage fees.

  • One complimentary travel date change- Students can change their travel dates once without incurring fees.

  • Special friends and family promotion- Students can share travel discounts with friends and family.

  • Enrich miles- Students can earn Enrich miles on their flights, which can be redeemed for future travel or other rewards.\

  • To be eligible for the MHexplorer program, students must sign up for free on the Malaysia Airlines website. Once enrolled, they can start booking flights and enjoying the program's benefits.

Do students get an extra baggage allowance?

Yes, some airlines offer extra Malaysia Airlines baggage allowance for students, which is not universal, and the precise attributes will vary depending on the airline, the student's destination, and the type of student visa they hold.

Can I check in 2 baggage with Malaysia Airlines?

Whether you can check in 2 bags with Malaysia Airlines depends on your fare type and cabin class, which information is listed below; view it.

Economy Class

  • Lite- You can't check in any bags for free.

  • Basic- You can check in 1 bag for free, with a maximum weight of 20 kg.

  • Flex- You can check in 2 bags for free, with a maximum weight of 35 kg.

Business Class

You can check in 2 bags for complimentary, with a most incredible weight of 40 kg each.

Business Suite- You can check in 2 bags for unrestricted, with the highest weight of 50 kg each.

How much baggage is allowed in the Malaysian economy?

The free checked baggage allowance for Malaysia Airlines Economy Class flights varies on the specific route and fare type you booked. It can range from 0 kg to 30 kg. However, there is information on free checked baggage of Malaysia Airlines baggage allowance Economy Class on Malaysian Airlines flights:

  • For most international destinations (except North/ South America)- 30 kg

  • For Malaysia to Japan routes- 20 kg

  • For Jeddah, Madinah, and AMAL-operated flights- 0 kg

How much baggage is allowed in Malaysian Airlines Business Class?

The Malaysia Airlines baggage allowance for business class passengers, which allows them to take some specific weight and size, must be considered.

  • Two pieces of carry-on luggage with an integrated weight of up to 14 kg. The proportions of each piece must not exceed 56*36*23 cm (22*14*9 inches).

  • Up to 40 kg of checked baggage, each component must not surpass 158 cm (62 inches) in linear dimensions.

  • There is a baggage allowance for all Malaysia Airlines business class; you may view it frequently:

  • Business Suite- 2 pieces, up to 14 kg on carry-on baggage while 50 kilograms on the checked baggage allowance.

  • Business Class- 2 pieces, up to 14 kg on carry-on baggage while 40 kilograms on the checked baggage allowance.

What is the Malaysian Airlines baggage policy?

Moreover, it is necessary to read the Malaysian Airlines baggage policy to add luggage to the flight. Therefore, you should consider the reliable points.

Carry-on baggage-

Economy Class passengers are entitled to one carry-on bag that is no more than 7 kg and has measurements that do not exceed 115 cm (45 inches).

Business Class and Business Suite passengers are allowed two carry-on bags, each weighing no more than 7 kg and with dimensions that do not exceed 115 cm (45 inches).

In addition to their carry-in, all passengers are allowed one personal item, such as a purse, laptop, or overcoat.

Checked baggage- 

The free checked baggage allowance for flights to/ from North and South America differs from the allowance for flights to/ from other destinations.

  • For flights to/ from North and South America, the free checked baggage allotment for economy class is 23 kg, for business class, 32 kg, and for first class, 40 kg.

  • For flights to/from other destinations, the free checked baggage allocation for economy class is 30 kg; for business class, 40 kg; and for first class, 50 kg.

  • You can pre-purchase extra baggage up to 24 hours before your flight departure to receive a 20% discount on the airport price.

  • Each checked bag must not overextend 32 kg in Malaysia Airlines baggage weight and 204 cm (80 inches) in size.

  • Passengers who exceed their free baggage allowance will be charged excess baggage fees.

  • There are special rules for carrying specific items, such as sporting equipment and musical instruments. These items may need to be checked as baggage or shipped as cargo.

  • If you are connecting to another airline, the baggage allowance may differ for the onward journey. You must check the baggage allowance of the airlines you are connecting with.

You can check in as many items of baggage as you require if the total consequence exceeds the maximum baggage allowed for your fare type.

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