Can I change the passenger name on Turkish Airlines?

Have you ever found yourself in a scenario where you've booked a flight, only to comprehend later that there may be a mistake in your name on the ticket? Turkish Airlines understands that those conditions can worsen, and yes, you can change the name on the Turkish Airlines flight tickets, including a legal name change, whether an easy typo or a more significant problem. In this blog, we can explore Turkish Airlines name change policy, the terms and conditions associated with the name changes, the charges, and a way to request a name change or correction.

Turkish Airlines Name Change Policy:

Turkish Airlines acknowledges that passengers may encounter problems with their names on tickets. They have set up a name change policy to address such conditions. Here are the essential thing points:

  • Spelling Errors: Turkish Airlines commonly allows corrections free of rate if you've made a minor spelling error in your name and it doesn't appreciably alternate your identification.
  • Legal Name Change: In cases of a prison name change transfer, Airlines may additionally accommodate your request, but it is subject to verification. You must provide helping documents like a marriage certificate or court docket order to show the name change.
  • Restrictions: It's important to know that Turkish Airlines does not allow name changes for promotional or non-refundable tickets. Always check the fare conditions when booking your ticket.

Terms and Conditions for Name Change:

When thinking about a name change in your Turkish Airlines price ticket, it's crucial to understand the terms and conditions:

  • Timeframe: Name change requests have to typically be appropriately made in advance of the departure date. Airlines may additionally require at least 72 hours or more before the flight. Check with Turkish Airlines for their unique timeframe.
  • Verification: For legal name changes, you will need to provide proof, inclusive of a marriage certificate or courtroom order, in conjunction with identification documents.
  • Ticket Type: As stated in advance, name changes are regularly not allowed for promotional or non-refundable tickets. If you count on any troubles, book a fare permitting name changes.

Fees for Changing Name on Turkish Airlines Ticket:

The Turkish Airlines name change fee for changing your name on a Turkish Airlines ticket can vary depending on several factors, including the sort of price ticket, the vacation spot, and the unique circumstances of the name change. Here's a breakdown:

  • Minor Spelling Errors: Turkish Airlines might not charge a fee if it is a minor correction. However, this is at the airline's discretion, and it's always high-quality to check with them.
  • Legal Name Change: Turkish Airlines can also require a ticket to update your passport when a legal name changes. This charge can range from $50 to $ 200 or more, depending on the airline's policies and the particular scenario.
  • Ticket Type: Remember that when you have a promotional or non-refundable price ticket, you might be unable to change the name, or the airline may additionally follow a higher fee.

What if I misspelled my name on my airline ticket, Turkish Airlines?

Turkish Airlines Name Correction Process:

If you have misspelled your name on your Turkish Airlines ticket, you should take spark off movement to make Turkish Airlines name correction to correct the error. Let's walk through correcting your name on a Turkish Airlines ticket. Here's what you have to do:

  • Contact Turkish Airlines: Start contacting Turkish Airlines when you notice the name error. You can do this by calling customer support or journeying their reliable internet site.
  • Provide Documentation: If it's a legal name change, prepare the vital files, consisting of a wedding certificate or court docket order, and offer them to Turkish Airlines for verification.
  • Pay the Fee (if applicable): If a rate may be associated with the name change or correction, be ready to make the price per the airline's instructions.
  • Receive Confirmation: Once Turkish Airlines approaches your request and verifies the records, they will provide you with a confirmation of the name change or correction.

It's essential to act quickly when you find a misspelled name in your airline flight ticket, as airways usually have unique timeframes inside which they deliver name correction requests. Always check with Turkish Airlines for their most updated guidelines and tactics regarding name corrections, as they will have slight variations over the years.


In conclusion, Turkish Airlines knows that name change troubles can happen and has a regional policy to address these conditions. Familiarizing yourself with their terms and conditions, being privy to related fees, and offering necessary documentation while requesting a named change is essential. Remember to book your flight ticket carefully to avoid pointless complications, and you can always contact Turkish Airlines for the Turkish airlines name change request most updated details regarding their name change policy. The customer service of Turkish Airlines works 24/7 to assist all the customers out there who may need help with changing or correcting their name.

Official weblink:

Customer service: 1 (800) 874-8875

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      • When making booking under booking number V3LV6S I've noticed a mistake by entering the surname. WRONG- SAGADINJEMEC CORRECT - SAGADIN JEMEC My first name is SABINA. Is it possible to change the SURNAME INTO RIGT: SAGADIN JEMEC Thanks for your reply

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      • Hi! Do we have problem if passenger second name is missing totally? Can I add it by myself? How much I need to pay extra? -Ulla-Riitta

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