Can I travel with my pet in Volaris?

Leaving your pets alone at home while you are traveling can be depressing as you may be constantly worried about them. With Volaris, you can travel with your pet. However, you have to adhere to the rules and regulations of the airline in regard to the carriage of pets so that your pet is safe and the comfort of the passengers is not compromised. You can learn about the Volaris pet policy, the process of booking a pet for travel, the documents needed to travel, and eligibility requirements.

How can I book my pet to travel?

You can book your pet to travel by using the official website when making the flight reservation. You may follow the steps below.

  • Open the homepage and go to flights.
  • Proceed with the reservation as you would be entering the origin, destination, dates, etc.
  • Click "search flights" and select the flight.
  • You will get the option" travel with your pet" that has to be chosen.
  • Enter the relevant details of the pet and the passengers.
  • Confirm the booking by making the payment.
  • You will get an email from the airline with the itinerary.

What is Volaris Airlines pet policy?

Volaris pet policy is listed below.

  • Volaris only allows travel with cats and dogs, and Volaris's emotional support animal is allowed in the cabin.
  • You cannot carry a pet less than four months old if it is a patient with a medical condition, nursing, violent, unvaccinated, or pregnant.
  • One passenger can travel with one pet only; the maximum number of pets that can be carried on a flight is 4.
  • If traveling with a pet, you must carry a valid health certificate, immunization certificate, and other essential documentation.
  • The pet must be harnessed properly and able to move comfortably in the carrier.

Requirements for travel on board:

  • The total weight of the carrier and the pet should not be more than 10 kg if traveling in the cabin.
  • The approved pet carrier size is 44 cm x 30 cm x 19 cm.
  • The carrier must fit under the seat in front of you and be sturdy and firm.
  • The pet is not allowed to leave the carrier at any point during the trip.
  • Cats are only allowed in the last row in the window seat.

Requirements for travel as Checked baggage:

  • If you check in a pet, the weight of the carrier and the pet's weight should not be more than 45 kg.
  • The container should be ventilated, leakproof, scratch resistant, and sturdy. You can fill the container with absorbent materials.
  • There should be handles, and the Volaris pet carrier size must not exceed the size of 158 linear cm. If it exceeds the size, you will be charged a fee in addition to the booking charges for the pet.
  • You must mention your contact information on the container to identify the owner.

How much does Volaris charge for pets?

The charge for Volaris pet reservation depends on whether the flight is domestic or international if the pet is booked at the airport or online, and if it is traveling onboard or as checked baggage. The cost of traveling with a pet can range from 60$ to 225$.

What are the documents required to travel with a pet?

The documents listed below should be carried out if traveling with a pet.

  • You must carry the vaccination certificate for anti-rabies; the latest one should have been administered at least 30 days before travel.
  • An Anti parasitic is required, which should not be older than six months till the date of return of the flight.
  • A fit to fly certificate from a registered medical practitioner must be carried.
  • An authorized Volaris pet travel form, given during the check-in, should be kept handy.
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