Is Allegiant Air providing a name change after reservation?

It is a genuine mistake if you misspelled your name while booking a flight ticket and Allegiant Air understands that. The airline allows you to make name changes up to a few characters if you made the same mistake. However, correct the name as per the name change policy stated by the airline.

If you want more information about Allegiant Air name change policy, this article can soothe with the same. Check out the upcoming sections to learn about the terms and conditions of the airline regarding the name change. 

General Name Change Policy of Allegiant Air

Allegiant Air allows you to make essential changes in the name, and this flexibility makes travelers happy. Below-mentioned is a list of policies that a traveler looking for a name change must consider:

  • The name change policy suggests that you bring minor changes in your name, like minor spelling mistakes.
  • You can only change up to four letters if you need to change your full name. However, the airline clarifies that you must not confuse name change with ticket transfer.
  • Also, if you made a major mistake and need to make changes, cancel the whole reservation and rebook the ticket by entering the correct name details.

If you don't abide by the conditions, the airline requires you to pay penalty charges. Once you complete the name change formalities, you get an Allegiant Air name change fee prompted on your screen. Clear the dues to check out the name change request page.

Name Change Charges: Allegiant Air

The airline does not charge anything if you make corrections on the same day of booking. Otherwise, you might have to pay name change charges to complete the formalities. The fees vary up to $75, and it depends on the fare type you booked and the fare conditions applied then.

Steps to Change Name at Allegiant

Follow the given steps to make name corrections:

  • Browse the official website of Allegiant Air and then navigate the Manage Trip menu; tap on it.
  • Provide your full name and confirmation code to get your reservation.
  • Go to the name change section and bring necessary changes; review the details.
  • Pay the applicable charges, if any, and then the airline will send you a revised itinerary with an altered name.

Now you know about Allegiant Air name change process and policy, what keeps you waiting? However, if you face troubles continuing the name change process, you must contact the airline's professionals. Lead a superior travel experience by booking a ticket with Allegiant Air for your next trip.

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