How Can I Change My Name on Allegiant Air?

If your surname has been changed after marriage, and you have booked an itinerary with a misspelled name and now want to correct it before the flight departure time. Passengers can proceed for Allegiant air change the name on the ticket by phone, Manage Booking, or at the Airport help desk. Every customer must know the details of all three methods. Otherwise, check the below-mentioned information as it provides step by step process.

Change Name on Allegiant Air by Phone:

When the passenger discovers that the mentioned name on the booked itinerary is misspelled and needs to make the required correction, we advise the passenger to call the Airline help desk agent and then proceed to correct the name. Contact the customer support agent about the Allegiant Air name correction request. The agent will ask about the booking confirmation code and the last name mentioned on the itinerary. They will update the required changes and then share the payment link on the email address. When the payment is done, the Airline will share the new confirmation code.

Change Name on Allegiant Air by Manage Booking:

In case you have entered an incorrect name, then passengers can take advantage of a 24-hour grace period under which passengers are allowed to make the changes for free. You should know the step-by-step process to edit the required changes via the Manage Booking portal, as the customer does not need to pay the necessary charges.

  • Firstly, passengers are required to go to Allegiant Airlines official website
  • Then, you should scroll the webpage and click on the Manage Booking tab given on the menu bar.
  • Now, the person must enter the booking confirmation code and last name mentioned on the itinerary.
  • The screen will show the full booking details and the change or cancel tab; kindly choose between the choices.
  • You should update the required changes and then proceed further to pay the remaining balance.
  • When the payment is made, the customer will receive the new confirmation code and the valid email ID.

Change Name on Allegiant flight ticket at the Airport office:

Suppose the customer wants to proceed with a name change at the last minute. You can also visit the nearby Airport office help desk and request the representative to update the necessary changes. Passengers should carry the required documents, such as valid government ID proof for name correction. When the changes are updated on the itinerary, the Airline is supposed to share the new confirmation code on the correct email address.

Allegiant Air Name Change Policy:

Suppose you want to know that Allegiant allows the traveler for name correction. So, according to the Allegiant Air name change policy, passengers can make the necessary changes like name correction change, travel date, and destination. However, passengers can change their name in case of marriage, divorce, or other reasons only when legal documents support it. Some of the essential points are explained below.

  • The travelers can correct the misspelled name of up to 3 to 4 characters in the first, last, or middle name mentioned on the itinerary.
  • If the customer makes the necessary changes within 24 hours of purchase and the departure is seven days away, the Airline does not charge any change fee.
  • Passengers are allowed to change their last name only if the person's name changes legally in case of marriage or divorce.
  • Customers who have purchased the flex trip or business class can edit the itinerary up to one hour before the scheduled departure time.
  • Suppose the name filled on the itinerary needs to be corrected; then the customer needs to cancel the Booking first and then proceed with rebooking.
  • Airlines do not permit passengers to change the complete name or transfer the ticket to another traveler.
  • In case the passenger proceeds to edit the existing reservation after 24 hours of Booking, then you are supposed to pay the applicable fee, including the difference fare.
  • Passengers can change existing Bookings via Manage Booking, phone number, or at the Airport help desk office.
  • If you have booked a ticket via a third-party travel agent, call the customer support executive to make the necessary changes.
  • You should pay the extra charges to update the required changes offline.
  • Customers are allowed to make the changes in the booked itinerary only for the tickets purchased either via the Airline's official website or through the customer service phone number.

How much does Allegiant Airlines charge to update the changes?

Airlines charge differently for Allegiant Air change names depending on the minor change or complete cancellation, route choice, destination, time, travel class, flight duration, and more. Some of the situations are explained below.

  • Allegiant Airlines does not charge if you need to make minor changes.
  • Passengers are required to pay $ 75 as a change fee to modify the first or last name on the booked flight ticket.
  • The name change fee is similar to the flight change fee; however, for flight change, the customer will be charged for seat selection and other services.
  • Passengers who hold Airline membership or loyalty programs are not allowed to pay the applicable fee to edit the existing reservation.
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