Does Air New Zealand allow name changes?

Air New Zealand is a famous Airline that works trips to and from various destinations all over the planet. Various travelers might wind up in circumstances where they need to change the name on their booking, for different reasons, like incorrect spelling or an adjustment of individual conditions. In this blog, we will explore whether Air New Zealand allows name changes and what the process of Air New Zealand name change involves.

Air New Zealand Name Change

The answer to the query is Yes. Air New Zealand allows name changes, yet specific terms and conditions should be met. These conditions rely upon the sort of ticket you bought and the name change process.

If you require to change the name on your booking because of an incorrect spelling, Air New Zealand permits one free name change for every booking. Nonetheless, you might be charged an expense if you have committed various spelling errors.

The Air New Zealand Name Change Policy

The Air New Zealand name change policy frames the requirement and systems for changing a single name in New Zealand. A name change can happen for different reasons, like marriage, separation, or a legal name change. This Air New Zealand Name Change Policy guarantees that the process is straightforward, fair, and steady for all people.

Air New Zealand has a name-change policy that permits travelers to change the names on their bookings depending on specific agreements.

Here are the primary concerns of the Air New Zealand name change strategy:

  • Travelers can request a name change as long as 24 hours before the booked takeoff time of their flight.
  • The name change must be made by the individual who made the first reservation or a travel planner approved to make changes for their sake.
  • The new name should match the name on the traveler's visa or other ID.
  • Name changes might bring about charges, which fluctuate depending on the fare type, destination, and variables.
  • If the first fare is not accessible, the traveler should pay the charge contrast notwithstanding any name change expenses.
  • Name changes are not allowed for certain kinds of booking, for example, group bookings or bookings made through outsider sites.
  • Air New Zealand maintains all authority to decline a name change request if it considers it deceitful or for some other explanation.
  • Travelers are liable for guaranteeing that their travel archives are exact and state-of-the-art and for any expenses or issues emerging from erroneous or deficient data.

It is suggested that travelers audit the entire Air New Zealand name change policy before mentioning any air new zealand name correction to their bookings.

Term and Conditions Requirements

To change a name in New Zealand, the accompanying requirements should be met:

  • The individual should be a New Zealand resident or a permanent resident.
  • The individual should be no less than 18 or have consent from a parent or a guardian if under 18.
  • The individual should not change their name to avoid legal obligation commitments, misdirect others, or for any wrong reason.

The process to change the name of New Zealand

To change a name in New Zealand, the accompanying process should be followed:

  • Complete a statutory declaration Form: The individual should finish a statutory declaration Form incorporating their ongoing name, the perfect new name, and the reason for the name change.
  • Give supporting documentation: The individual should give supporting documentation to demonstrate their personality, for example, a birth certificate, visa, or driver's permit. If changing a name because of marriage or separation, a certificate or separation order should likewise be given.
  • Present the application: The individual should present the finished legal statement and supporting documentation to the Department of internal affairs.
  • Pay the expense: A charge is expected for the name change application. The cost might shift depending on the reason for the name change and the number of changes recently mentioned by the person.
  • Wait for Approval:  The Division of Inner Issues will survey the application and supporting documentation. Whenever the certificate is, the singular will get another birth certificate with their updated name.

This strategy outlines the requirement and the systems for changing an individual's name in New Zealand. It guarantees that the interaction is fair, steady, and straightforward for all people. Any various forms of feedback regarding this policy should be coordinated with the Department of Internal Affairs.


The Air New Zealand name change fee for changing a name in New Zealand is $130. Assuming the individual has recently changed their name, an extra expense of $130 will be charged for each name change. The charge should be paid before presenting the application and is non-refundable.


These are the term and techniques for air new Zealand name correction. It is important to peruse and comprehend these requirements prior to presenting an application for a name change. Any various forms of feedback regarding these requirements should be coordinated with the Department of the internal Affair.

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