Does Frontier allow name changes?

After booking your flight ticket with Frontier Airlines, if you realize that you have entered the wrong name on your flight ticket, then no issue, as the airline does provide the option to correct the name. You can read the Frontier Airlines name change policy to know about the terms and conditions regarding it. If you face any problem, get through with the customer service team, who will help you.

Frontier Airlines name change policy

Before changing the name on your ticket, you must read the rules and regulations to get better knowledge. Following are some of the important policies regarding name change:

  • If the passenger's name is mentioned wrong on the ticket, Frontier Airlines has the right to cancel the booking.
  • The request for a name change can only be approved if the passenger wants to correct minor spelling mistakes.
  • The name change is only allowed up to 3 characters.
  • If the passenger has to make changes because of the marriage, they can give the related documents and make the correction without any charges.
  • The airline allows name, date, or seat changes but not the destination.
  • Sometimes, the airline might cancel the booking if your name is spelled incorrectly on the ticket.

Modes to change the name on Frontier Airlines ticket

Several mediums are available if you want to change your name on the Frontier Airlines flight ticket. Below are mentioned the quickest modes through which you can correct the information on your ticket:

Through Official Website/Mobile App - One of the quickest methods for Frontier Airlines name change is the official website or the mobile app. You have to enter your booking information, and then you will be able to correct it as per your choice. Go through the given instructions to learn about the process of changing the name on a flight ticket through the online mode:

  • Make a visit to Frontier Airlines website "" or open the mobile app.
  • Go to the "My Trip/Check-in" section on the website.
  • Type the "Passengers Surname" and "Confirmation Code."
  • After that, you must choose to edit your personal information.
  • Make the correction to your booking as per your preference.
  • Then pay the charges to change the name.
  • Download the updated ticket, and the airline will send it to your official email address.

Through Phone Call - Another method to change your name on the flight ticket is the phone call method. Contact the Frontier Airlines executive and provide them with your flight information, then they will guide you with the information and correct the name. If you want to learn the process of calling the airline for a name change, then use the below steps:

  • Dial the airline's customer service phone number.
  • Choose the button to speak with the Frontier executive.
  • After that, wait until you get a hold of someone from the airline.
  • Provide your booking details and discuss your situation.
  • Then, the executive will make the changes for you and assist you with the information.

Through Airport -  If you don't get any response from the above modes, then no issue, as there is still a last option through which you can make the changes to your name on the ticket. Pay a visit to the booking counter at the departure airport and explain your problem to customer service, then they will quickly make the changes to your booking.

What is the amount to change the name on Frontier Airlines?

You must know that to correct your ticket, you must pay Frontier Airlines name change fee, which is $75. You can pay the amount online or at the airport. The passenger can change the name on the ticket only once. If you need additional assistance, contact the airline's executive, who will guide you.

Common cases when Frontier Airlines provide free name change

To change the name on the flight ticket Frontier Airline charges a few amounts. However, there are a few cases in which you can correct the spelling of your name on the ticket for once. For more information regarding these, you can read the given information:

  • Legally name change - If the passenger has legally changed their name after booking a flight ticket, they have to provide the relevant documents, and the airline will change the name on the ticket for free.
  • Frequent Flyer member - Frontier Airlines Frequent flyer members get the benefit of changing their name on the ticket for once without paying any charges. However, the passenger has a time limit to change their name.
  • Marriage name change - Another reason is Frontier Airlines name change marriage when the person has to change the name because of their marriage. Then no issue as you can provide the necessary documents and correct them.

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