Does Frontier have wheelchair assistance?

Frontier Airlines provides different types of benefits for their passengers, including online check-in, easy cancellation, special assistance, and many more. If you have made the reservation and need wheelchair assistance from the airline, then no problem, as you can contact Frontier Airlines customer service and speak with the representative. Provide your flight details and explain your situation, then the representative will help you with it and assist you when you reach the airport to board your flight.

Frontier Airlines' special assistance policy 

If you want to get information about the terms and conditions for special assistance of the airline, then you can read the below points:

  • The passenger has to request special assistance at the time of booking or 24 hours before their flight departure.
  • If passengers have requested special assistance, they must check in at the airport.
  • The airline recommends contacting you 3 hours before the flight departure if you have requested special assistance.
  • To request special assistance, you must also provide the relevant documents to the airline.
  • A passenger can make the request through the official website, by contacting the customer, or through the airport.

Special services provided by Frontier Airlines 

If you want to use any special services the airline provides, there are no charges for Frontier Airlines' special assistance, and you can request it by contacting customer service. Below are a few of the special services that are provided by Frontier Airlines:

  • Personal Assistant - Personal assistant will be provided to you who will assist you until your flight board. To request a personal assistant, you must have a hearing or vision impairment or mental disability. 
  • OnBoard medical oxygen concentrator - The airline allows you to carry your portable oxygen concentrator if the passenger has any medical issues. However, you must have the certificate on the device approved by the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration).
  • Wheelchair Assistance - For passengers who have a disability in walking are provided wheelchair assistance by the airline. If you need wheelchair assistance, then you have to speak to the representative at the terminal.

Instructions to apply for special assistance 

There are three easy modes available through which you can request special assistance. If you want to know about the method and steps, then read the given information:

Through the Official website/ Mobile app - You can use the official or mobile app to apply for special assistance after making a reservation. Enter your flight details and choose the special assistance service. If you still do not know how to make the request, then follow the given steps:

  • Open Frontier Airlines mobile app or the official website.
  • Tap the "Manage my booking" option and enter your ticket details.
  • Search for the special assistance section on the main menu.
  • Then you have to fill out a form with the necessary information.
  • Provide the relevant documents and choose the type of assistance you need.
  • After that, when you reach the terminal at the airport, customer service will assist you.

Through phone call - You can make the request by contacting the airline through a phone call. Use the airline's phone number and speak to the representative regarding your issue. Following are the steps through which you can call Frontier Airlines to request special assistance:

  • Call Frontier Airlines on their customer service phone number (858-694-5800)
  • Prefer any language in which you need help.
  • Select the IVR option to request special assistance.
  • Then your call will get through with a live representative.
  • Provide your flight details and discuss the kind of assistance you need from the airline.
  • After that, when you reach the airport, customer service will be ready with assistance.   

Through Airport - If you are unable to contact customer service through phone call or the official website for Frontier Airlines wheelchair assistance, then no problem, as you can visit the airline office at the terminal of the airport 24 hours before the flight departure and speak to the customer service to request for special assistance. Provide the flight information, and the representative will provide you with assistance.

Different types of wheelchair assistance at Frontier Airlines 

Two types of Wheelchair assistance are provided by Frontier Airlines. You can read the given information to know about the wheelchair and contact customer service to request the same:

  • Manual Wheelchair - Manual Wheelchairs are provided at every airport that the disabled person can use to travel to the boarding gate. After that, the passenger can sit on their seat, and when they arrive at the destination, customer service will be ready to escort them to the vehicle. To request the manual chair, you have to speak with the representative at the terminal at the airport.

  • Aisle Wheelchair -The airline has designed an aisle wheelchair to help immobile passengers reach their seats while boarding and deplaning. They can also use these wheelchairs to use the restroom during the flight. The airline recommends you apply for the aisle wheelchair when making the reservation, and when you reach the airport, inform the representative that you need the wheelchair, and they will provide you with the same.
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