WestJet Pet Policy: Traveling with Your Pet

Traveling with pets can be a delightful experience, particularly when you do not have to leave your lovely pet behind. If you plan to fly with WestJet, one of Canada's popular airlines, you will wonder about their pet policy. In this blog, we'll explore WestJet pet policy, whether they permit pets within the cabin, the dimensions regulations for pets, age requirements, pet expenses, the option of flying pets in cargo, and their method to pet providers. Let's dive into the info!

Does WestJet allow pets in the cabin? 

WestJet does permit pets to travel within the cabin on pick-out flights. However, there are positive pointers and regulations to ensure the comfort and protection of all passengers. Here are the essential thing factors

  • Only puppies and cats are authorized within the cabin, with some exceptions for carrier animals.
  • The variety of pets allowed inside the cabin is restrained, so making reservations in advance is critical.
  • Pets must remain in cargo below the seat before you during the flight.

Some destinations can also have specific pet regulations within the cabin because of local rules, so checking with WestJet before reserving your flight is crucial.

What size of dog can fly in the WestJet cabin? 

Suppose you're planning to fly with your dog inside the cabin. In that case, the airline has particular WestJet pet carrier dimensions to ensure the protection and comfort of each dog and other passengers. Here are the tips:

  • The maximum dimensions should be sixteen inches (41 cm) in length, 17 inches (forty-three cm) in width, and 8.5 inches (22 cm) in peak.
  • The blended weight of the pet and carrier should no longer exceed 22 pounds (10 kg).

It's essential to observe that those restrictions also vary, barely depending on the airline and cabin elegance, so verifying the dimensions with WestJet earlier than your journey is helpful.

How old does a dog have to be to fly WestJet?

WestJet has unique age requirements for dogs traveling within the cabin. Here is the info:

  • Dogs must be at least eight weeks old to travel on WestJet flights.
  • Puppies more youthful than 12 weeks old may also have additional health requirements, including vaccination statistics, so checking with the airline and your veterinarian before your trip is essential.

How much is the WestJet pet fee?

When traveling with your pet on WestJet, a pet fee is involved. Here are the essential thing points:

  • The pet fee varies depending on the path and vacation spot.
  •  The pet charge for domestic flights within Canada became CAD 50,
  •  And for worldwide flights, it became CAD 100 each manner.

It's essential to check WestJet's legit website or contact customer support for the most updated facts regarding WestJet pet cargo cost or fees. 

Does WestJet allow dogs in cargo?

While WestJet frequently permits pets in the cabin, they have an option for flying dogs in cargo. This is appropriate for more giant dogs, or the destination does not allow pets in the cabin. However, it is crucial to notice that shipment traveling may contain separate tips and regulations, precise crate necessities, and temperature guidelines. Contact WestJet for further information and procedures if you consider flying your dog in cargo. 

How strict is WestJet with pet carriers?

WestJet is strict with pet carrier suggestions to ensure the protection and luxury of pets at some point in the tour. Here are a few key points:

  • The pet provider should be well-ventilated and at ease.
  • The carrier has to have a waterproof backside, be leak-evidence, and have enough area for the puppy to stand, turn around, and lie down with no trouble.
  • WestJet offers unique dimensions for the service, as referred to in advance.

Additionally, it is critical to have a pet WestJet pet health certificate issued by a veterinarian within ten days of the tour, confirming your puppy is in proper fitness and updated on vaccinations.


Traveling along with your pet on WestJet is feasible. By ensuring that your pet meets the dimensions and age necessities, touring with an appropriate provider, and complying with the necessary WestJet pet health certificate, you can experience a trouble-free journey with your four-legged friend. 

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