Does Jet2 have special assistance?

When planning a trip, it's important to ensure smooth and hassle-free travel, specifically in case you require special assistance at the airport. Jet2, a famous airline known for its purchaser-centric technique, knows the importance of accommodating passengers with unique needs. Whether you have a mobility problem or a specific requirement, Yes  Jet2 special assistance makes your travel cozy and handy.

To avail of special assistance, it's useful to contact Jet2 directly or make a request at the time of booking your flight. The airline will guide you via the method and provide vital information concerning their special help offerings. This can include offerings with wheelchair help, special seating arrangement, and assistance for individuals with visible or listening impairments. Thus, In this blog, we will also check How to arrange my special assistance with Jet2 and purchase those services.

How do I arrange special assistance with Jet2?

Jet2 offers special assistance services to cater to various passenger wishes. To request special help, follow these steps:

  • Contact Jet2: Inform the airline about your unique assistance requirements when booking or as soon as feasible before your departure date. You can contact Jet2 through their devoted Special Assistance Team via phone or email. Provide them with specific records approximately your needs to assist them in arranging the appropriate assistance.
  • Medical Information: If you have a scientific circumstance requiring extra assistance, offering the airline any necessary clinical facts or documentation is recommended. This will allow Jet2 to recognize your necessities and ensure suitable assistance is provided.
  • Confirmation and Communication: After contacting Jet2, you will receive confirmation of your unique assistance request. The airline will offer instructions and suggestions regarding the help procedure, which includes check-in procedures and airport centers.

Additional ways to arrange the special assistance

To arrange special assistance with Jet2, you can use either Jet2's special assistance email address or the assistance form. Here's how you could proceed with every approach:

Email: Compose an email to Jet2's customer support or particular help group. The email address can be seen on the official website. In the subject line, mention which you require special assistance and then compose an email.

Jet2 Special Assistance Form: Visit the Jet2 website and navigate to their "Special Assistance" section. Look for a particular Jet2 special assistance form and click on on. Fill out the Required form with all the personal details. Once you have fill the form, send it online.  After submitting the form, Jet2's special assistance group will review your request and get back to you with further instructions and confirmation to help you out.

How do I request special assistance at the airport?

if you are flying with Jet 2 and require a Jet2 special assistance at the airport, then there is no big deal; you need to visit the Airport and ask for help at the airport counter.

  • Arrival at the Airport: On the day of your departure, make sure to reach the airport with sufficient time earlier than your flight. Jet2 recommends arriving at least two hours before departure to allow adequate time for the essential preparations.
  • Meet and Assist Service: Jet2's trained team of workers could be available to offer a meet and assist provider at the airport. This provider includes help with check-in, security procedures, boarding, and other vital arrangements. Jet2 staff participants are educated to address diverse assistance forms, ensuring your desires are met with professionalism and care.

Do you pay for special assistance at the airport?

Paying for Special Assistance: Jet2 does now not fee any extra fees for most styles of special help. However, a few offerings, including the carriage of medical systems or assistance with scientific situations, may require prior approval and involve more expenses. It is critical to inform Jet2 about your specific necessities at some point in the booking method, as this may assist them in offering you correct records regarding any capacity charges.


Jet2 makes the significance of making sure an accessible and reachable tour revel for all passengers. If you require special assistance at the airport, Jet2 has a devoted team to make the necessary changes. By contacting Jet2 earlier via Jet2's special assistance number and providing them with the important facts, you can ensure a continuing journey and enjoy peace of mind. Remember that even as most special assistance offerings with Jet2 are complimentary, some extra services can incur charges.

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