How do I change my name on Ethiopian Airlines?

Ethiopian Airlines is known for its flexible booking and management facilities. The airline allows you to change your name online and use customer service, depending on your suitability. But, Ethiopian Airlines helps you only if you have a genuine reason for the change and an important document to prove the reason.

Also, you must keep track of Ethiopian Airlines name change policy if you want to complete the formalities without any hassle. Check out the article to find comprehensive steps of making name changes and the regulations imposed by the airline.

Easy Steps to Change Name on Ethiopian Airlines 

Did you make a mistake in your name while booking the ticket? Now, at Ethiopian Airlines, it is possible to perform the name changes up to some characters. Below-given are the steps to go through if you wish to make name changes without any further ado:

  • Use your preferred browser to land on the official Ethiopian Airlines website.
  • Once you visit the homepage, you need to navigate the booking page.
  • After accessing your account, find the Manage Booking using the email address and unique password.
  • Provide the flight details and tap the Next button.
  • Go to the booking editing section and tap the name change icon; make necessary changes and proceed to the payment section.
  • Pay them if you see Ethiopian Airlines name change charges prompted on your screen. You must choose a payment option and enter the credentials accordingly to process the transaction.
  • Once the transaction gets successful, you receive the name change confirmation email on the registered address.

You can rely on the steps mentioned above and bring the necessary changes to your existing reservation. However, before making any changes, you must go through the name change regulations imposed by Ethiopian Airlines. Read the next segment for more information.

General Name Change Terms and Conditions

Read carefully about the name change policy of Ethiopian Airlines:

  • As per the policy, you can only change the name characters if the change matches the government-released IDs.
  • To avoid further consequences and inconveniences, you need to complete the changes before boarding your flight.
  • Also, you can make name changes in the case of marriage, divorce, passport updates, court orders, or any other legal changes.

So, once you are eligible for Ethiopian Airlines change name on a ticket, follow the given steps by keeping in mind the terms and conditions. However, if you face any trouble, you can consider contacting Ethiopian Airlines professionals. The agents can help you out in real-time and process the name change on your behalf.

Official weblink:

Customer service: 1 (800) 445-2733

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      • My name is BAJET MEHARI KAHSAY i am booknig to travel ADDIS ABRBA BOLE 23-01-23 and i mistake my first name this is worrng ?BAGJET but the correct one is ?BAGET my ordernummber is LYZ7QK my bookings FBWDYB

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          • Dereje Shiferaw
      • My name is Dereje Shiferaw Getahun i am booking to travel Bahir Dar Dec 14 at 12.30 and I made mistake to apply my name,reservation cod HVXDID with MR shiferaw Getahun.

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