How Do I Contact Southwest about Wrong Ticket?

Have you booked a flight ticket with Southwest Airlines to one of your preferred destinations? But you got a ticket with the incorrect details such as name, age, or other? Then you can’t travel with Southwest Airlines until you would not correct the details. If you think that mentioned details on your ticket are not your mistake and Southwest Airlines is all responsible for it. You can contact Southwest about the wrong ticket using the different modes of communication. But before you contact Southwest Airlines regarding the wrong ticket, you have to understand the policy for making any changes.

Southwest Airlines policy for making any changes

  • You can make changes in your Southwest Airlines booking up to 24 hours of the scheduled departure, including flight change, cancellation, etc.
  • You can also correct a name that is mentioned incorrectly on your ticket as per the name correction policy.
  • If there is any bigger mistake by Southwest Airlines on your ticket, then you can’t change it without contacting the customer service team.

Get through to Southwest airlines regarding flight change

Have you received the wrong ticket from Southwest with varied mistakes that are important to correct to boarding your flight? Then you can make Southwest flight change or contact the customer service team using the different ways to get immediate assistance. You can follow the below steps to make changes in a wrong ticket through the customer service team of Southwest Airlines:

Use Manage My Booking Option

You can use the manage booking option of Southwest to make the required changes in your ticket online as per the below steps:

•        You can visit the official Southwest Airlines website through a browser.

•        Click on the Manage My Booking segment.

•        You have to enter the booking number and last name.

•        You can click on the Continue tab to get the booking.

•        After that, you can select your booking or ticket, which is wrong.

•        Now you can make the changes in your ticket that are applicable.

Contact Southwest Airlines

You can directly contact Southwest using the different modes of communication and get immediate assistance. You can dial 1-800-435-9792 from a phone and directly reach the Southwest customer service team where their live representative will assist you regarding a wrong ticket. They will make the required changes to your ticket in a rapid time. It is always recommended to contact Southwest within 24 hours of booking to make any applicable changes to your booked ticket.

Official weblink:

Regarding changes in wrong ticket visit:

Customer Service: 1-800-435-9792

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