How do i get a hold on TAP Air Portugal?

Passengers can get a hold of their flight ticket while traveling with TAP Air Portugal. Passengers can pay a certain amount to book a seat and spend the rest after a specific time. TAP Air Portugal gives some time to the passenger to pay the rest of the amount on their ticket, depending on specific terms and conditions. The service of TAP Portugal hold tickets to help passengers to get pre-booked access at lower prices.

Terms and Conditions to get a hold of TAP Air Portugal are mentioned below.

TAP Air Portugal gives its passengers a specific time frame called 'Time to Think,' where passengers can take some time to pay the rest of the ticket fare after getting a hold of it. The Terms and Conditions for this process are as follows.

  • The cost to use the Time to Think option in TAP Air Portugal varies depending on the time frame that the passenger chooses. Different time frames available are 48 hours, five days, or ten days.
  • The option of Time to Think is available for only those passengers whose flight is at least seven days away from the departure date.
  • No changes are allowed to be made in the Time to Think option. You must cancel the Time to Think option if you want to make any changes.
  • No refund is issued if you cancel your booking in the Time to Think option.

How do I get a hold of TAP Air Portugal?

Through the website: You can reserve your booking with TAP Air Portugal through their website. Please follow the following steps to get a hold of TAP Air Portugal.

  • Visit the website of TAP Air Portugal at
  • Click on Book a Flight.
  • Enter departure and arrival destination. Also, select the date you want to travel to.
  • Here you will get the option to Hold my Fare. Click on it and select the time frame you wish to hold your flight.
  • Now proceed with the hold fare payment. Here click on Time to think payment.
  • After completing your Time to Think payment, you can complete the rest of the price in your selected time frame.
  • You can complete your time to think of pre-booking payment under my pre-booking. Here you must enter your booking number and last name. Then click on complete the pre-booking amount.
  • After the complete payment, you will receive a confirmation email from TAP Air Portuguese.

Through the customer care service: You can also book your ticket with the Interactive voice response (IVR) facility of TAP Air Portugal. You can take the steps given below to book your ticket using IVR.

  • You can call the TAP Portugal phone number, 1 (800) 903-7914, and talk to the representatives of TAP Air Portugal.
  • You will get different options. Press 1 to choose the language, press 2 to reservations and booking, and press 9 to talk to the representative of TAP Air Portugal.
  • After choosing a language, you can press 2 for reservations and booking. You can follow the rest of the instructions and can pre-book your ticket.
  • To pre-book your ticket, you must pay a hold ticket fare. The hold fare ticket price differs according to the time frame you select.
  • Complete the pre-booking payment and get a hold of your ticket.

TAP Air Portugal is a reliable airline that provides good hospitality to its customers. With the option to pre-book your ticket, you get the opportunity to book your flight at lower prices. If the passengers face any problem while pre-booking, they can contact tap Portugal customer service anytime they need help. The TAP Air Portugal representatives are always happy to help.

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