How do I request special assistance on Lufthansa?

Traveling through the air can be a good experience. However, it can also pose challenges for passengers with unique wishes or restrained mobility. Lufthansa, one of the global leading airways, acknowledges the importance of ensuring a comfy and problem-free adventure for all its passengers. If you or a loved one require particular help, including wheelchair services or a guide for elderly passengers, Lufthansa affords more than a few offerings to fulfill your needs.

In this blog, we can guide you through the technique of inquiring for exceptional help on Lufthansa, including wheelchair assistance, costs, and assistance for elderly passengers. Let's first get into the Lufthansa assistance for elderly passengers details.

Lufthansa assistance for elderly passengers

Lufthansa acknowledges the precise needs of elderly passengers and presents real help to ensure their comfort and protection. In addition to wheelchair offerings, old passengers can obtain support with check-in techniques, boarding, and having access to facilities throughout their journey. The attendants are trained to provide personalized assistance, making the tour more viable and enjoyable.

Ways to request special assistance on Lufthansa

  • Identifying Your Needs: The first step in inquiring about exceptional help at Lufthansa is discovering your necessities. Whether you need wheelchair help or assistance as an aged passenger, it is vital to understand your desires sincerely. Consider elements inclusive of random obstacles and any additional assistance requirement.
  • Contacting Lufthansa: To request special assistance, contact Lufthansa immediately. Lufthansa gives dedicated customer service to handle passenger inquiries and requests, including phone, e-mail, and online forms. It's recommended to contact Lufthansa a minimum of forty-eight hours before your scheduled departure to ensure sufficient time for preparations.
  • Phone Assistance: If you speak with a Lufthansa representative directly, you can call Lufthansa special assistance phone number. In the US, the toll-free number is 1-800-645-3880. Inform the agent about your precise wishes, together with wheelchair assistance or help for aged passengers, and they will guide you thru the method of asking for the necessary services.
  • Online Assistance: Lufthansa additionally offers an online form that you could fill out to request exceptional help. Visit their website and locate a suitable service in the "Contact" or "Customer Support" phase. Provide all required records, including your journey info, unique assistance needs, and relevant information. Submit the form, and Lufthansa's customer service team will procedure your request.
  • Wheelchair Assistance: For passengers requiring wheelchair assistance, Lufthansa gives a comprehensive provider. When you request wheelchair help, Lufthansa will provide you with an attendant who can assist you throughout your journey. From taking a look at-in to boarding and disembarkation, the attendant will make sure that you have an easy and secure experience. Wheelchair assistance is available both at the departure and arrival airports.

Thus, these are all the ways through which you can quickly request special assistance on Lufthansa. By knowing your needs, calling the customer service team, or visiting the official website, you can quickly get special assistance on Lufthansa Airlines.

What is Lufthansa's wheelchair assistance cost?

Lufthansa offers wheelchair help freed from rate. However, it's essential to study the airline's policies regarding special assistance, as they may vary depending on the particular circumstances. You can immediately get targeted information about their guidelines, Lufthansa wheelchair assistance cost, and any documentation you want to provide by contacting Lufthansa.


Traveling with unique wishes or as an elderly passenger should encourage you to explore the world. Lufthansa strives to make air travelers on hand and enjoyable for all passengers by offering several special assistance services. By contacting Lufthansa earlier and virtually speaking your wishes, you may ensure Lufthansa wheelchair assistance USA that caters to your precise requirements. Whether it's wheelchair help or help for elderly passengers, Lufthansa provides hassle-free assistance.

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