How many miles are required for a free flight to America?

The number of miles needed for a free flight on American Airlines depends upon various factors. For a free flight on American Airlines, The passenger needs at least 75,00 miles. Passengers can also redeem 7,500 miles for free on a domestic flight of up to 500 miles in distance. A domestic flight ticket over 500 miles will need 20,000-30,000 award miles. So, to know in detail how does an American airline's miles work, you can follow the details below. 

How do American airlines miles work?

The American Airlines flight award tickets are divided into four different award levels: MileSAAver Off Peak, MileSAAver, AAnytime Level 1, and AAnytime Level 2. 

  • The award miles level differ based on the availability, date, and region. MileSAAver and MileSAAver Off Peak are the least expensive with the least availability.
  • AAnytime Level 1 and Level 2 award miles have much better availability but require more miles, up to twice. 

Although they are all called Miles, which you can earn based on how much money you spend on your flight tickets. AAdvantage miles will generally expire if you go 18 months without redeeming or making miles on American or one of its partner airlines.

How much is 50000 AAdvantage miles worth?

50,000 Miles-$645

The worth of the 50,000 AAdvantage miles is $645, depending on how you redeem them and when you fly. Or the equal of at least one round-trip flight between New York and Los Angeles on American Airlines. American miles are worth 1.34 cents per mile, which is less than an average airline.

How much are 10000 miles on American Airlines? 

10,000 Miles- $127

The amount of American Airlines miles is 1.27 cents per mile. That means 10,000 miles have a price of around $127. American Airlines miles have the same worth as the average airline miles, which are worth around 1.3 cents each, as a result.

How much are 40000 American Airlines miles worth?

40,000 Miles- $547

Due to the membership and the strong group of individual partnerships, you will find your miles redeemable with various airlines such as American Airlines, British Airways, Cathay Pacific, Icelandair, and more. The worth of redeeming your American miles will depend on your airlines; you will find different rates are valuable, whether you are flying American Airlines or one of its partners. Overall, the worth of 40,000 miles will be equal to the $547 price of travel. When planning g to fly with American Airlines, you will pay a different fee depending on the request, distance, and fare class.

Thus, following the earlier details, you will understand how the American airline works and the miles' worth. However, you also can redeem or buy American airlines miles in multiple ways. And if you need any other travel service do contact the customer service. 

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