How many weeks pregnant can you fly with Singapore airlines?

Suppose you are an expecting mother and want to travel with Singapore Airlines. In that case, you can do so at any stage of the pregnancy by abiding by the pregnancy flight restrictions Singapore airlines guidelines which are as follows:

  • You can fly without any doctor's certificate till the 28th week of your pregnancy, provided it is uncomplicated, and you don't have any health issues.
  • Beyond the 28th week of pregnancy, a doctor's certificate is a must to fly with Singapore airlines.
  • From 29th to the 36th week, the essential requirement is that you will have to give a doctor's certificate stating that you are fit to fly with your estimated due date of delivery at the counter of Singapore Airlines before taking your scheduled flight.
  • After the 36th week, you will not be permitted to travel on Singapore Airlines.
  • For your safety and convenience at the airport or onboard, you must inform the Airline staff if you have any allergies or other health complications that may arise while flying.
  • Your timely precaution can help you to have a safe and comfortable journey with Singapore Airlines.

Can you fly at 7 months pregnant?

If you have a healthy pregnancy without any complications, you can fly at 28 weeks or in your 7 months of pregnancy. As the Singapore airlines pregnancy policy advises that if you are pregnant and have to fly, please consider the important points given below:

  • You must consult your gynecologists and obtain a certificate for fit to fly. This will help you avert any mishappenings during your flight.
  • The certificate must not be more than 72 hours before flying.
  • You must book a seat which will be more comfortable and spacious with larger legroom. 
  • You must carry all your medicines and other medical details in case of any medical emergency on the flight.
  • You are further suggested to provide complete information to the flight staff about any food allergies, swollen feet issues, or bloating you may suffer while flying.
  • The onboard staff will take full care of your health condition to make your flying journey safe and comfortable.
  • You must take an escort while flying in your seventh month of pregnancy.

Can I travel by plane at 28 weeks pregnant? 

You can travel by plane at 28 weeks of pregnancy if it is uncomplicated, which means

  •  You don't have any health issues related to your pregnancy. All your health-related vitals are stable, and you are at the best of your healthy pregnancy stage. 
  •  You must consult your gynecologist before taking the flight to confirm your fitness to travel by plane without any mishaps or medical emergencies.
  •  While flying, a pregnant woman passenger can have various issues like swollen feet, bloating, nausea, and other pregnancy-related complications that can lead to unsafe circumstances or medical emergencies; therefore, you need easy access to all your medical details.
  • It is advisable not to travel solo while expecting a baby. You must preferably take an escort to assist you with the luggage and other things at the airport and onboard. 
  • You must inform the airline and the flight staff about any complications you have, like asthma, heart ailments, etc., under medical emergency circumstances.
  • You must have all your requisite medicines and medical file in your hand baggage for use in an emergency.
  • Last but not least, to avoid any mishaps, a fitness certificate from a doctor is necessary not before 72 hours of flying for pregnant lady passengers.

What are flight restrictions for pregnancy?

There are certain restrictions for pregnant lady passengers willing to travel by flight under the Singapore airlines pregnancy rules, which are as follows:

  • If the pregnancy is even slightly complicated, you must not take any risk of taking a flight.
  • If you are in your second and third trimester, you must get a fitness certificate to fly from a doctor, not before 72 hours of taking the flight.
  • The certificate must mention that you are fit to fly and there is no such complication in your health that can pose a danger to you or the baby while flying.
  • Your fitness certificate must have the relevant details of the stage or the time of your pregnancy and the estimated due date of delivery.
  • If you are beyond 36 weeks, whether it is complicated or not, you are not allowed to travel.
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