Does Turkish Airlines allow 2 checked bags?

If you are traveling with Turkish Airlines, then you must know what the Turkish Airline baggage allowance is so you can avoid any kind of additional charges imposed by the airline; please consider the following points to look at the checked baggage allowance:

  • If you are traveling domestically, you are allowed to carry 30 KG of baggage, and exceeding it would be subject to an additional charge. 
  • If you have an international flight (where the baggage piece concept is valid), you can carry two checked baggage (for business class), and the weight must be 32 KG. Also, Economy class passengers are permitted to carry 2 checked bags, and the weight must be 23 KG.

How much luggage can I take on Turkish Airlines?

Consider the following points to understand how much luggage you can take on Turkish Airlines, have a look:

  • You are allowed to carry 1 baggage in the cabin, which should not exceed 8 KG in weight, and one personal item they are allowed to carry on board in Economy class.
  • And both of these pieces of baggage have some weight and size limitations, so you are advised to check the size and weight to avoid any trouble while checking in.
  • To get a detail about it, one must be aware of the Turkish Airlines baggage policy, and for assistance, below are the points that will help you:
  • You must be at most 23 KG for one piece of baggage for Economy class, and for Business Class, it is 32 KGs. Exceeding would make you pay an additional fare to the airlines. (It is also highly recommended by the airlines to measure the pieces of baggage before coming to the airport to avoid any trouble or extra charges imposed by the airlines.)
  • You should also be aware of what food items and other accessories you are allowed to carry because violation of it can resist your entry into your desired country or place. 
  • You are also allowed to carry strollers on board, which should be at most 115 CM on all Turkish Airlines flights. 
  • If you are a Star Alliance Gold Card holder, you are permitted to carry 1 additional baggage in the piece system and 20 Kg in the weight system, which is in addition to your checked baggage. 
  • Exceeding the limits of these items of baggage would be subject to additional fares, which will be decided by the airlines. 

Can I check in 3 bags with Turkish Airlines?

If you are wondering to know about the limitations or allowance to check in 3 baggage with Turkish Airlines, you are advised to go through the mentioned points to have an answer to your query:

  • Suppose you are a Star Alliance Gold Card holder. In that case, you are allowed to carry 1 additional baggage in Turkish Airlines in the Piece system and an additional 20 KG weight (which is, in addition, to checked baggage.) elsewise, you may have to pay the additional fare for carrying extra luggage.
  • In case you wish to inquire more about the 3 baggage allowance with Turkish Airlines, you can either visit the official website of Turkish Airlines to read the baggage policy, or you can always reach out to the customer executive of the airline on their phone number, 1 (800) 874-8875 and you will be given assistance. 

What is the checked bag weight limit for Turkish Airlines?

Passengers must be aware of the maximum weightage of their luggage to avoid any additional charges that the airlines can charge in case of exceeding the baggage weight limitations. Have a look at the mentioned points that will give you a brief picture of checked baggage weight limits: 

  • Business class passengers can carry 30 KG, Economy class can carry 20 KG, and promotional fare passengers can carry 15 KG on domestic flights.
  • In Business class, the baggage allowance is 32 KG (2 checked baggage), and in Economy class, you can carry 23 KG each (for two pieces of luggage.) 

How many bags are free on Turkish Airlines? 

If you are traveling on Turkish Airlines, make sure to read the points which are mentioned below to have an idea about how many bags you are allowed to carry for free on Turkish Airlines:

  • You are allowed to carry 2 bags for free, and the size should be at most 158cm. 
  • You can carry Cabin Baggage with a weight not exceeding 8 kg and not exceeding 23x40x55 in size, along with one personal item not exceeding 40x30x15. (In Economy class). 
  • Suppose you want to carry additional baggage on the airline. In that case, you can request the airlines on their official website or by calling on their customer executive phone number, 1 (800) 874-8875, to get a resolution to any of your doubts. 

How much do Turkish airlines charge for baggage? 

Turkish Airlines baggage charges are quite low compared to other airlines, which ultimately help in making a trip for a passenger cost-effective and budget-friendly. So consider the following points to have a better idea about the same:

  • If you are flying domestically, then the baggage charges begin from $8 to $10, and this, by and large, depends on the nature of your flight, for example, its route, your destination, class (business, economy, etc.), etc. and these are charged per 5 kilograms.
  • For international flights, charges per 5 KGs begin from 25$ and can go up to $160, and the fare depends on the region, routes, and class. 

How much is the price of extra baggage for Turkish Airlines?

Please understand the points that are required to be understood to be aware of Turkish Airlines extra baggage charges, have a look at the points mentioned below.

  • With the Piece baggage concept, 80 USD will be charged from the passengers per piece for extra baggage that must weigh between 23-32 KG. 
  • An additional fare could be imposed on you by the airlines if you exceed any of the inscribed baggage limitations. 
  • If you want to purchase extra baggage, you can always contact Turkish Airlines at their contact number, 1 (800) 874-8875, to get more clarification. 

How much does Turkish Airlines charge for overweight baggage?

Turkish Airlines has set its charges significantly low compared to other international airlines. It has cost-effective charges for passengers, so they can travel without trouble or without paying more and regretting the same. So, go below the points that are mentioned to have a brief idea about how much cost is usually charged by Turkish Airlines for overweight baggage, have a look:

  • In case you are exceeding the limitations prescribed by the airlines, based on the Piece concept, the charges begin from $160 to $290.
  • And on the weight concept, you will be charged $25 to $ 160 per 5 kilograms if your baggage is overweight. (So, to avoid any additional cost, you must go through all the limitations before heading towards the airport to check in because it may help you save a price and from any trouble that can lead to canceling your flight.)
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