How much does Aeromexico charge to cancel a flight?

If you have a ticket with Aeromexico, you can cancel the ticket with them. Still, there are charges if you do so after 24 hours of purchasing a ticket, then you have to pay the airline a cancellation fee of $400, which is the maximum price if you have the longest route with them. If your flight departure is seven days away or more and you cancel the ticket after the free window, which is 24 hours, then you need to pay the Aeromexico cancelation charges.

Get Familiar with Aeromexico Cancellation Policy

Aeromexico cancelation policy states that

  • Suppose you cancel your ticket within 24 hours of purchasing it and the departure time for your Aeromexico flight is seven days or more. In that case, you won't be charged any cancelation fees by Aeromexico airlines.
  • If you cancel your ticket after 24 hours of purchasing it and the departure time for your flight is seven days or more, then Aeromexico airlines will charge a cancelation fee.
  • If you make cancelation the ticket and the reason was an illness, then you can get the price of the ticket back if you show medical proof to Aeromexico airlines.
  • You will get your refund in your account within seven working days.

How much does Aeromexico cancellation cost?

If you cancel a ticket with Aeromexico airlines, you will have to pay charges up to $400; cancelation charges will be based on whether your flight was shorter or longer. So if you cancel the flight with Aeromexico airlines and the route of your journey is shorter, then you will have to pay fewer fees as Aeromexico cancelation fee charges to the airlines compared to the longer ones.

Aeromexico Cancellation Process

If you want to cancel the ticket with Aeromexico airlines, you can do the cancelation whether online or offline if you choose offline, you have to connect by phone. In contrast, the online method is cancelation via the website.

Phone process for cancelation

You can cancel the ticket by phone call you have to dial the number of Aeromexico airlines at 1 (800) 237-6639, and after connecting, you can share with them that you want your ticket to be canceled; after you connect to the portal airlines, you have to follow the IVR.

  • Press 1 for language change
  • Press 2 to book a seat with Aeromexico
  • Press 3 for covid 19 rules
  • Press 4 to cancel the ticket
  • Press 5 to speak to Aeromexico customer support

You have to press option four, and after that, you will be asked a reason for your ticket cancellation. After the reason is confirmed, your ticket cancelation will initiate, and this process will complete when you receive a message on your email account to confirm that your cancelation with Aeromexico airlines is completed. It will also tell you whether the refund was received or not.

Website process for cancelation of the ticket

If you want to cancel the ticket on the website, you can use this option, you have to cancel the ticket and then you will be getting a refund if you are eligible for the same, and you will get a confirmation, so if you want to cancel the ticket then you have to follow these steps

  • Go to the website of Aeromexico airlines
  • Click on manage my booking
  • After that, put pnr and last name
  • Your booking with Aeromexico will retrieve
  • Click on cancel

This will complete your Aeromexico cancel flight process

You can perform the process for cancelation either online or offline; you can connect to call; if you can't connect, then you have the option of connecting online, which will cancel the ticket by the website. After you follow the steps, they will cancel your ticket with them, and you will also receive the same confirmation in your email. If you are eligible for the cash price of the ticket, you will receive that in your account.

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