How much is the cancellation charge for Malaysia Airlines tickets?

Malaysia Airlines is one of the top-notch airlines that serves the quality of services to its passengers. After making the reservation with Malaysia Airlines, the passengers sometimes cancel their tickets due to unavoidable situations. The passengers look for the medium through which they can cancel their flight. Malaysia Airlines provides multiple ways for cancellation. Malaysia Airlines cancellation charges depend on your ticket type, traveling information, and routes.

How do I cancel my Malaysia Airlines ticket?

You can cancel your flight ticket with Malaysia Airlines by using the online process. It is one of the productive for cancellation, and you need to follow the actions as per described below:

  • Go to Malaysia Airlines' official website
  • Select the Plan Your Trip option at the top of Malaysia Airlines' homepage.
  • It will move you to the other page, and you will get the Manage your Booking option. Select that option.
  • Type your booking reference number and passenger's last name in the following sections.
  • Now select the Manage Booking link.
  • After that, you will have full details regarding your flight on your screen.
  • Make the selection from the flight as per your preference.
  • Once you cancel the flight ticket, you will get a message for confirmation on your registered email or mobile phone.

How do I contact Malaysia Airlines to cancel the flight?

You can use the calling process to cancel the flight. You can call +1 669 288 7053 (Toll-free) or +603 7843 3000 (outside Malaysia), and after dialing the number, it will be transferred to an automated voice and then to the IVR. You need to make a choice from the options provided by the IVR. After selecting from the options, the call will be directed to the customer service representative. To get connected with Malaysia Airlines, you must obey the directions as per described below:

  • Press 1 to select the language.
  • Press 2 to book a new flight ticket.
  • Press 3 for wheelchair assistance.
  • Press 4 to cancel the flight.
  • Press 5 for meals and beverages.
  • Press 6 to check the refund policies.
  • Press 7 for flight status.
  • Press 8 to file a complaint at Malaysia Airlines.
  • Press 9 to get the customer service agent on the line.

How to cancel a flight ticket with Malaysia Airlines?

You can cancel the ticket by going to the airport. You need to go to the reservation desk at the airport and submit the required documents along with the reason for canceling the flight ticket. The customer service agent will aid you regarding your concern. There are Malaysia Airlines cancellation terms and conditions under which you can cancel your ticket with Malaysia Airlines.

What are the flight cancellation policies of Malaysia Airlines?

Some policies are set by Malaysia Airlines through which passengers can cancel their flights. Malaysia Airlines cancellation policy is mentioned below:

  • The passenger can make the cancellation within 24 hours of booking the flight ticket.
  • Suppose you cancel the flight booking due to the sudden demise of a family member or friend. In that case, you must submit the required documents to the customer service representative, who will assist you regarding your reservation cancellation.
  • If you make the reservation with a traveling agent, then for the cancellation, you need to contact the agent.
  • The premium members of Malaysia Airlines will cancel the ticket by using their miles points.

How much does it cost to cancel Malaysia Airlines tickets?

Malaysia Airlines cancellation charges depend on the flights the passengers make the reservation. Malaysia Airlines cancellation refunds are listed below:

  • The passenger who cancels the ticket after 24 hours of the booking must pay at least 45 dollars.
  • If you purchased the insurance with the ticket, you did not need to pay any fees after canceling the booking.
  • If you booked the ticket on a domestic flight, then after the cancellation, you have to pay approximately 70 dollars.
  • Passengers on international flights must pay around 85 dollars if they cancel the flight ticket.
  • Due to a medical emergency, the passenger can cancel the flight. They need to submit the medical certificates at the help desk, and they can cancel the reservation without paying any fees.
  • You can cancel the flight on the same day of the departure; then, you must pay the cancellation charges.
  • The cancellation fee depends on your traveling details, ticket type, and destination.
  • If you purchased the nonrefundable ticket, you will not get Malaysia Airlines cancellation refund after canceling the ticket.
  • The airline will deduct some fees if the passenger cancels the flight ticket without informing the representative.
  • If the Malaysia airline cancels the flight due to bad weather, the passengers will get a full refund.


Malaysia Airlines always serves the best services to its passengers. If you have to cancel the flight reservation because of some reason, then you can use the above-mentioned ways. You can reach out to the representative, and they will give you complete help by resolving your inquiries. If you still have queries, you can also visit the official website of Malaysia Airlines.

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