How much luggage can I take on Pegasus?

If you are traveling with Pegasus Airlines, you should always remember some points referring to the luggage you must carry with Pegasus before you board your scheduled ticket. Therefore, if you need to learn about Pegasus Airlines baggage policy, then you must read the following section because from here, you will get the best references for your issues, and accordingly, you can go through the below pointers.

Cabin luggage – 55*45*20 cm (35*20*20 cm) for your personal item, and the weight allowance is 8 kg (12 kg for business flex). To get more information, read the following points and get assisted appropriately.

  • Additional information for Pegasus Airlines is that travelers can carry one small item per passenger, like laptop bags and handbags.
  • The limit for additional bags should be at most 35* 20* 20 cm.
  • Checked baggage – No Limit, weighing 15-20 kg.
  • For domestic flights, customers with essential and business flex are allowed to add 1 piece, which should weigh around 15 kg, and the advantage tickets include 1 piece up to 20 kg.
  • Moreover, for international flights (Essential, Advantage, and Business Flex), all these categories have 1 piece of luggage up to 20 kg.
  • The last point is domestic and international flights; primary tickets generally do not include a checked baggage allowance. Furthermore, you can buy extra bags up to 2 hours before departure.

Excess baggage – No Limit, and weight allowance is around 32 kg.

  • Suppose you carry heavier luggage in the excess bag limit zone, which is not as per the luggage allowance (either 15 or 20 kg, which depends upon your route then you shouldn't worry because you can quickly get the option to purchase extra bags, which are added up to 50 kg.

  • Note, if you carry weight more than the limit for excess baggage, then it will not get accepted, but you are allowed to consider a second best option which is regarding shipping, for example, Stasher delivery service.

However, you still need more information regarding baggage policies. In that case, you must use official information for baggage from the official website of Pegasus Airlines, or you can consult with a customer service representative for help.

Is Pegasus Airlines strict with baggage?

As per Pegasus Airlines, the policies for baggage are strict, and every traveler has to follow the terms and conditions properly. However, if you are concerned that your extra luggage might get invalid for carrying, then you must read the pegasus airlines baggage allowance policy point that suggests that all the luggage items for hand luggage and checked-in luggage are procured quite correctly.

Note, if you carry cabin baggage exceeding the dimensions or weights, for example, 8 kg, then as per Pegasus Airlines baggage policy, you can check in with extra luggage, but you have to check it in, and you may have to pay additional charges.

How much does Pegasus charge for baggage?

There are times when most travelers are confused with pegasus airlines baggage fees, which they have to pay for bag carrying, so in accordance and to know such points read the following section for reference.

  • For 1 carry-on item, there are no fees payable

  • On the other hand, checked baggage/hold luggage fees are inclined towards a fee per bag.
  • In addition, overweight and excess bags – Fees are applicable as per the extra bags
  • For sports equipment, certain items have their own fees, and a few of them are mentioned below; 
  • Golf set - $30
  • Diving set - $30
  • Bicycles - $50
  • For other Sports equipment then, fees are around $45 approximately.

How much carry-on can I take on Pegasus?

The information for carry-on bags at Pegasus Airlines is written in this section, but you must remember that pegasus airlines baggage allowance carry-on should be followed at every point of time because if you skip policies for carry-on luggage, then you might have to pay extra charges or you might not get the permission for carrying the additional luggage items.

  • The carry-on bag should be at most the limit of 20 cm*40 cm*55 cm.

  • As per Pegasus Airlines carry-on baggage weight allowance, you must carry only 8 kg.
  • Note that bulkhead seats are not permitted for under-seat storage; thus, in that case, all the carry-on luggage at Pegasus flights is stowed in the overhead bin before and after the flight take-off and landing.

Does Pegasus allow a free carry-on?

Yes, all the passengers who have made the reservation with Pegasus Airlines are permitted to bring one full-size carry-on bag and one personal item to carry, which might include a purse, briefcase, laptop bag, umbrella, duty-free bags, etc., as it is a free service per passenger at Pegasus Airlines as per the carry-on luggage policy. Note passengers should follow the size limit for carry-on dimensions while flying with Pegasus Airlines, for example – 20 cm*40 cm* 55cm.

Can I take a handbag and hand luggage on Pegasus?

Yes, per the pegasus airlines baggage policy, all travelers can select 1 carry-on bag. They have also been offered to take personal items, including purses, briefcases, laptop bags, etc. You should also note that according to handbag and hand luggage terms and conditions, there the following size restriction which every passenger must follow;

  • 20 cm*40 cm*55 cm, and the weight must be around 8 kg because if you exceed the weight limit, you must pay extra charges for the items you wish to carry.

  • For more details regarding the Pegasus Airlines handbag and hand luggage, you must visit the terms and condition section at Pegasus Airlines, and after that, you will be able to gather complete information.

What weight luggage is allowed on Pegasus?

The weight of luggage allowed on Pegasus Airlines for carrying passengers could be in regards to cabin baggage 55*45*20 cm (35*20*20 cm), and the weight limit is 8 kg (12 kg for Business Flex). The checked baggage weight limit is 15-20 kg, and the excess baggage weight limit is 32 kg; if you want to carry sports equipment, you must visit the official website of Pegasus Airlines and then check out the baggage policies for sports equipment.

How much is Pegasu's excess baggage per kg?

To get additional information for excess baggage pegasus airlines baggage weight, including its costs, you can gather such details by reading the following points.

  • Passengers flying domestically within Turkey must pay 4TL/kg for one night.
  • For the bags under 20 kg and 12 TL/kg for the bags over 20 kg for connecting domestic flights.
  • In cases where you want to travel to international destinations and you have excess baggage, the cost you will incur depends on the purchase of your destination.

Henceforth, the above-mentioned are some solid information related to baggage terms and conditions, if you want a more subtle statement, then contact the Pegasus Airlines customer service representative, and for that, you can dial 0090 850 250 67 77 customer service phone number for immediate help.

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