Air Canada Pet Policy: A Comprehensive Guide

Traveling with pets can be fun, and it is essential to understand the guidelines set by airways to ensure easy travel for you and your pet. In this blog, we will delve into Air Canada pet policy, the strictness of their pet carrier requirements, the allowance of pets inside the cabin, the need for a health certificate, and the option of pets as a convey-on; let's explore the details.

How strict is Air Canada about pet carriers?

Air Canada maintains some pointers for pet carriers to make the comfort and safety of pets and passengers. Here are some critical factors regarding pet carriers:

  • The provider should be nicely ventilated and leak-Proof.
  • The puppy should have sufficient space to stand, flip around, and lie down.
  • Carriers must be made from sturdy fabric and have comfortable latches.
  • Hard-sided companies are recommended for larger pets, while tender-sided providers are suitable for smaller pets.
  • The dimensions of the provider should follow Air Canada's specific necessities.
  • Carriers need to be in shape beneath the seat in front of you, as pets inside the cabin are best allowed inside the cabin.

Does Air Canada allow a pet in the cabin?

Air Canada permits travel within the cabin, subject to certain restrictions and availability. Here are some critical factors to the word:

  • Only one pet in keeping with a passenger is allowed.
  • Pets must be at least 12 weeks antique to travel inside the cabin.
  • The mixed weight of the pet and service must no longer exceed 22 kilos (10 kg).
  • There are limitations on the number of pets allowed in the cabin, so it's vital to make arrangements earlier and inform the airline during booking.

Does Air Canada require a health certificate for pets?

Air Canada may also require a health certificate for specific flights to ensure the proper being of pets and other passengers. Here is some information:

  • Health certificates are mandatory for pets traveling to global locations.
  • Even for domestic flights, carrying a fitness certificate issued by an authorized veterinarian is recommended, particularly if the puppy has fitness issues.
  • The health certificate must be given within an exact time frame before the tour date (usually ten days).

Does Air Canada allow pets as a carry-on?

Air Canada allows pets to travel as Air Canada carry on pets,  situation to the cabin space availability and adherence to the desired tips. Key points to recollect encompass:

  • There is a restricted quantity of spots for pets as carry-on, so it is recommended to contact Air Canada and make arrangements earlier.
  • Additional expenses may practice for pets traveling within the cabin, and fees vary depending on the destination and flight type.

Can my dog sit on my lap during a flight with Air Canada?

Air Canada no longer permits dogs or other pets to sit on a passenger's lap during a flight. Pets journeying inside the cabin should continue under their carrier throughout the adventure.

Air Canada pet cargo

Air Canada gives a pet cargo that permits larger pets to travel adequately and efficiently within the carry-on keep in their plane. This airline is designed to accommodate pets that exceed the size and weight restrictions for the cabin. The pet cargo carrier consists of functions together with weather-managed and pressurized cargo holds, which help preserve an appropriate environment for pets during the journey.

Air Canada pet cargo and the Cargo cost

Air Canada offers a pet cargo service for larger pets that do not meet the necessities for touring inside the cabin. The Air Canada pet cargo cost for transporting pets in the carry can range depending on numerous elements, along with the scale and weight of the puppy, the destination, and the precise flight information. It is advisable to contact Air Canada immediately and provide updated information concerning the pet Cargo cost. The airline's customer support representatives can provide vital information and manually arrange pet transportation in the carry-on.


Air Canada's pet policy objectives are ensuring pets' and passengers' safety, comfort, and proper being. Following their suggestions concerning pet airlines, cabin restrictions, health certificates, and air canada pet cargo options, you could make your pet's journey with Air Canada smooth and enjoyable.

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