Find out details about how to book a multi-city flight

Are you looking for information on booking multi-city flights and want to know the best ways for doing so? A multi-city flight connects trips between many locations into a single booking, saving you time from purchasing multiple one-way flights. A multi-city flight is usually far less expensive than purchasing a number of one-way flights. If you need more information on the best way to book a multicity flight, you can find it in the details listed below, along with examples of how to book a multi-city flight on a few airlines.

Learn how to book a multi-city flight with Southwest

When a person is arranging a connecting trip, Southwest Airlines, like all the others, offers the service of booking a multi-city flight. To discover how to book a multi city flight on Southwest read the instructions below.

  • First and foremost, you have to visit Southwest Airlines' official website.
  • Then, to begin your booking, click the Book a Flight button from the main page
  • You must now choose the multi-city tip type among the round, or one-way, options
  • Next, type in the names of your departing and arriving cities for a first flight
  • After that, select your departure date on the calendar for the first flight
  • Next, input the departure and arrival cities for the second flight in the same way
  • Then, provide a suitable departure date for the second flight, and if required, add a third flight in the same way
  • Afterward, type in the total number of passengers, and then press the search button
  • After that, all available flights for a multi-city trip will appear on the screen based on your specifications
  • Next, choose the most suited flight for your multi-city trip's final booking
  • And lastly, pay the ticket cost using your selected form of payment, and Southwest will email your confirmed multi-city flight ticket

Learn how to book a JetBlue Airways multi-city flight

JetBlue Airways, likewise Southwest Airlines, offers an easy online option for booking multi-city flight reservations. To discover how to book a multi city flight on JetBlue follow the steps outlined below.

  • Go to JetBlue's official website and click on the Book Flights link
  • Afterward, on the search flight screen, choose the multi-city option and add passengers
  • Next, enter the names of your origin and destination cities, as well as the departure date, for the first and second flights
  • You may add two additional flights to your multi-city trip by providing the similar details
  • Then go to the search flights page to see all available flights for your preferred multi-city trip
  • Following that, you must select a final flight that is suited for you and pay for it using a preferred mode
  • Finally, when JetBlue has successfully received your payment, you will get your confirmed multi-city flight tickets

Furthermore, if you are wondering is it cheaper to book multi city flights, the answer is always positive because it allows you to save money when compared to purchasing numerous one-way flights. For any additional support, you can contact the customer service staff of the airline on which you decide to book a multi-city flight.

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