How to change my name on my Kuwait Airways ticket?

Kuwait Airlines has a strict policy that the name on the ticket and the passport should be similar. Otherwise, a boarding pass would be dined to the traveler. Suppose there is a typo error in your name, and you need to rectify it. Does Kuwait Airways name change policy allow changing the name on the reservation? The airline permits you to modify the name. However, you have to follow specific guidelines. But you have to follow certain terms and conditions. Let's find out the guidelines shared by the airline.

What are the rules and regulations of Kuwait Airways?

Check the list before making the Kuwait Airways name change to edit the name easily:

  • Passengers aren't allowed to change their complete names. Only ratification can be done up to 3 letters. However, you are allowed to edit the first, middle, and last names.
  • The airline doesn't allow to change the complete name. In this situation, you have to rebook the flight after cancelation your ticket to board the flight.
  • To make the changes, the airline should book the ticket directly. In case of the third parties, there may be changes in certain terms and conditions, so you are suggested to read the conditions before making the reservation.
  • You need to provide the documents in order to correct the name.
  • Travelers need to pay a fee of $ 100 to $ 200 depending on various factors such as destination, date, and fare.
  • As per the policies, the ticket can be changed only once. So be careful at the time of modification of your ticket.
  • The same policies are applicable for all the fares offered by Kuwait Airlines.

In case you have any issues, consult with a live representative by dialing the contact number to avoid trouble.

Can I correct the name on the flight ticket online?

Passengers can opt for web services and modify the tickets per their requirements. Remember, Kuwait Airways name correction can be done before the check-in or at the time of check-in by following the simple guidelines shared below:

  • Visit the website of the airline.
  • Select the Manage option.
  • Choose the Modify or upgrade option.
  • Enter the details such as last name and booking reference.
  • Click on the Retrieve Booking.
  • You will find the flight details and click on the edit option.
  • Edit the information and click on the submit button.

You will be sent the ticket details on your confirmation mail id. Contact customer support if you face any technical trouble in the whole process.

Who can change the name on their tickets?

Below are corrections that the passengers can make:

  • First or last name: you can edit 3 letters in the first or last name.
  • Inverted Name: passengers can change the order name as surname and surname as a name.
  • Middle name: you can add or remove the middle name per your requirement according to the travel documents.
  • Legal reasons: suppose there is a change in the name due to marriage or divorce. In that case, you can edit by submitting the required documents after paying the fee.
  • Type errors: travelers can edit up to 3 letters.

Am I allowed to modify the ticket twice?

The airline allows the changes only once. After that, you need to cancel the flight via Manage Booking and rebook the flight. Only up to 3 characters can be corrected.

How much does it cost you to correct a name on a Kuwait Airways ticket?

The amount varies due to fare, destination, and date. Usually, the airline charges around $ 100 to $ 200. Flyers can check the website for more details.

Can I change the ticket name offline?

Online mode is considered convenient. However, if you are facing any issues, customer agents will help you, and you can seek support by dialing the number to talk with a live representative. Apart from that, at the airport, passengers can get in touch with a live representative.

Do I need the ticket confirmation number to modify the name on my reservation?

The ticket confirmation number is crucial if you need to edit the details. You can find the name on the ticket receipt, boarding pass, or booking confirmation mail. In case you have any issues finding the number speak with an agent.

What documents do I need to give to correct a name on a Kuwait Airways ticket?

A valid photo ID, or national ID card, to correct a name on a Kuwait Airways ticket. You might need other documents depending on the situation.

How to contact customer support?

Travelers can dial the contact number if they are facing any inconvenience. Kuwait Airlines' contact number is 011 965 2434 5555 for assistance. The helpline is accessible throughout the day to guide you. The best time to connect with the agents is early morning.

At the airport: before check-in, go to the helpdesk to connect with the representative who will instruct you and make the changes on your behalf.

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