Is a backpack considered a personal item on WestJet?

If you are planning to travel via WestJet to your traveling destination and you have confusion about the luggage to be carried, and you are searching whether a backpack is considered a personal item or not, then yes, the airline permits you to carry one small purse, handbag, or backpack. Travelers must note that the dimension of their personal bag is under 41 cm x 15 cm * 33 cm (16 in. * 6 in. *13 in.). Also, they must know they are only eligible to carry one personal bag or backpack.

Does WestJet allow one free checked bag?

If you are thinking, does WestJet allow free checked-in bags, then yes, the airline permits travelers to carry one checked-in bag for free. According to WestJet baggage policy, Travelers who have made reservations in basic or economy class need to pay an amount of 40-47 dollars depending upon traveling distance for the first checked bag, while Economy, Business, and premium flex members are allowed to carry one checked-in bag for free.

How strict is WestJet with baggage weight?

If you have to relocate from your current destination and you wish to shift your entire luggage to your destination via WestJet, then you must always go through its baggage policies, as the airline is very strict about baggage weight and size. If the size of your bags or the total weight exceeds the limit set by the airline, you need to pay an extra baggage charge. Some of the important WestJet baggage allowance policies are given below:

  • Travelers can check-in with 2 to 4 bags on their flight. If the number of bags exceeds, additional fares will be paid.

  • The size of your bags must not exceed 157 cm, and the weight must be less than 23 kg.
  • Overweight bags weigh more than 23 kg but not 32 kg.
  • If the dimensions are more than the described, your bags will be shipped via cargo.
  • The maximum size of your personal item must be under the limit of 41 cm *15 cm * 33 cm (16 in. * 6 in. * 13 in.)
  • The carry-on bags that passengers on WestJet can carry must be under the limit of 53 cm x 23 cm x 38cm (21 in. * 9 in. *15 in.)

If any passenger is thinking about the way to get the free checked bag on WestJet, then he must consider the following points:

  • If you are an Econoflex, premium or premium flex, Business or business flex member, you can carry one checked bag for free.
  • The second checked-in bag is free for premium and business members.
  • If you stick to the airline's limit, you can carry a free checked-in bag.

How much are baggage fees for WestJet?

If you wish to travel to any destination via WestJet and you are looking for WestJet baggage fees, then you are required to go through the details given below:

  • Basic ticket holders must pay 30 to 100 dollars for checked-in bags.

  • Exclusive, Econoflex, and Business class ticket holders must pay some dollars 50 to 118.
  • If you used a MasterCard to purchase a flight ticket, elite members need not pay any fee.
  • Those who prepay for their checked-in bags must note that they can use the option of online check-in; otherwise, the fares might increase by $10 within 24 hours.

What are WestJet baggage policies?

Passengers must always go through baggage policies framed by the airline to reach their destination to travel without any issues at the last moment. WestJet baggage allowance carry-on must also be kept in mind by the passengers. The important policies of the airline are given below:

  • Travelers must not carry any sharp or harmful objects to their destination.

  • Travelers must limit the weight of their bags according to the overall allowance by the airline.
  • If passengers wish to carry their battery-oriented wheelchairs or any other mobility devices, they are permitted to carry them without paying any extra fares, provided they inform the airline in advance.
  • Travelers must always take care that the size and dimensions of luggage must include wheels and handles of their bags. And they must fit in the overhead bins of the plane.
  • Liquids are also not allowed by WestJet to be carried on the flights. If you wish to carry water, then only 100 ml is permitted.

How to eliminate your baggage-related issues from WestJet?

If any passenger has any confusion about the baggage policies of WestJet or wants to inquire about the baggage weight that can be carried, he can contact its customer care services at its operating time. They can use any communication medium to get through to the airline, but it is recommended that customers utilize the call process. For this, they must dial the phone number of the airline:

An automated voice answers WestJet calls and instructs callers to choose one number from the IVR menu. Callers must select “7” from the following menu to get in contact with a baggage representative:

  • Press 1: For bookings
  • Press 3: For flight change
  • Press 5: For seat upgrades
  • Press 7: For baggage-related issues and queries
  • Press #: For all other problems

Once your call gets connected to WestJet live representatives, you can collect all the required information about your bags.

Whom to report your lost baggage on WestJet?

If you left your bag on WestJet or have been delayed to your destination, you can report it to the airline. For that, you can either use the WestJet baggage claim phone number.

Or you can fill baggage claim form using the forthcoming section sequentially online:

  • Visit the official WestJet airlines website.
  • Click on the manage trip option from the top menu bar of the homepage, followed by selecting “baggage” from the drop-down menu list.
  • Click on the baggage claim form link that is provided.
  • Enter all the form details marked with stars indicating mandatory fields.
  • Attach the receipts of your reserved tickets.
  • Describe your issue with the claim in the message box.
  • After carefully reviewing the details again, you must press the checkbox and hit the submit button at the bottom of the panel.
  • Once your bag report is registered, you will get a confirmation message.

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