Is it better to buy flights on Tuesday or Monday?

Travelers, who need clarification about which day will be the cheapest day to book airline tickets, Have you ever waited for Tuesdays to book your flight tickets, hoping the prices on Tuesdays will be more affordable when compared to other days of the week?

Make it clear that there is no set date for the price drop for your trip. The prices differ according to the destination you are choosing, the arrival place, and the time of your flight. Continue reading to know more about the best time to book a flight for your travel.

What time of day are flights cheapest?

Have you ever stayed up late to book your flight tickets at a lower price? If so, try doing it again. Most of the passengers who book their flight tickets at midnight have booked their tickets at a cheaper rate when compared to the passengers who have booked their flight in the morning.

You should understand that it is not fixed that you can expect a price drop at midnight, but you might notice a slight difference in the flight change. Make sure to keep an eye on the flight ticket price changes to book a cheaper flight.

When you should book a flight?

Finding cheap flights are hectic when you are planning for your trip, but it is a possible task, so if you really want to book a cheap flight for your trip, read down to the list of best and worst days to book flights given below.

What is the best day and time to fly?

The flight prices are unpredictable and can change at any moment, but there are a few days when you can expect the cheaper price range. If you are looking for the best day to book international flights, then continue reading. 

Flight prices are typically higher on weekdays and lower on weekends. Tuesday and Wednesday are the cheapest days you can book your flight tickets. Mondays are also considered a reasonable day to travel since passengers prefer to travel on weekdays rather than on the first day of the week.

When not to fly?

When booking your flight, try to book during the off-season because prices during the festival season are always higher than on regular days. Also, when you are traveling to famous places, the costs of the airline's flight tickets will be higher; hence, try to visit the unpopular hidden gems to enjoy your trip.

Flight prices during the season are always going to be high, but it is not impossible to find budget-friendly airlines. Here are a few budget-friendly airlines you can choose for your travel destination during peak season.

Airlines with Low Prices:

There are several low-cost airlines on which you can travel at any time of the year. You need to look at a wide range of options when you are booking your flight tickets to know about the price difference between the airlines and find the best airline according to your needs. 

  • Southwest Airlines
  • EasyJet Airlines
  • Ryanair Airlines
  • Frontier Airlines
  • Spirit Airlines

Tips to book cheap flights

Always Book Early:

It might be absurd for some passengers when you see this topic, but when you book your flight early, you may expect a low price, and the later you are booking the flight tickets, the pricer you will get the flight.

Use incognito mode:

Whenever you are searching for a flight, try to use incognito mode for your flight ticket search. The cookies and the server details can be monitored by the airlines; hence, every time you search for the flight, you might see an increment in the flight prices. To avoid this, you can use incognito mode to search for the flight to your destination.

Compare the prices:

Always try to search for two or more flights for your destination to know the price differences between the airlines, and you can find the right flight for your destination. Also, try to search on different websites to compare the prices since every browser works differently.

Look for deals:

Make sure to look for deals and discounts on flight tickets for your destination. Choose an airline and look if the airline is offering any deals and discounts. Visit the website of several airlines and compare the deals if they are offering any, and then you can choose the best flight for your destination.

Use the points:

If you are a frequent traveler, you must have known about the flight points concept. Every time you fly with a specific airline, you can get points for your travel, and you can use that score the next time you travel with the airline. This is useful when the prices of the flight are too high.


You can also contact the desired airlines to know more about the deals and discounts to book a less expensive flight.

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