Which airline is better? Air Canada or WestJet

You have made up your mind to travel, have your bags packed? Are you stuck with which airline to travel with? Is it Air Canada or WestJet Airlines for you? The airline will treat you better and will make your travel ride better. So, you can follow the information on WestJet vs. Air Canada below. This article is in place to help you only to choose a better airline to travel better. 

Is it better to fly WestJet or Air Canada?

There are different services through which you can figure out which airline is better for you as the needs vary from passenger to passenger. So, you, as a traveler, know what’s best for you and which airline has that for you. However, if you are stuck as to how to figure the Air Canada vs. WestJet business class and are trying to find out the answer, then you should follow the points of comparison written below: 

Destination: Air Canada is an international flight, whereas WestJet Airlines mainly flies near the borders of Canada only. So, the travel destinations for the two have a vast gap between the two. Air Canada flies over 200 travel destinations in 50-plus countries. It also travels to 60-plus destinations in Canada itself. While WestJet flies to only 100 travel destinations within 26 countries. So, you can easily book the flight by comparing and seeing your travel destination. 

Airport Services - The airport services of both airlines are pretty much identical. They have got equal services to offer their passengers. Both take almost equal time for the check-in and boarding process, and the baggage check time is similar. So, the airlines are quite similar in their airport services. 

Flight Services - The in-flight services of WestJet and Canada are very similar. The food at WestJet is distinctive based on class and cabin, and the in-flight entertainment is also very much outdated. While on the other hand, Air Canada provides the same kind of food to each and every passenger. And, the in-flight entertainment is gradually getting outdated for the passengers. 

So, these are certain criteria you can distinguish between the top Canadian airlines; now it is on you to find the difference between the two and figure out which one suits you better, as the basic criteria you could compare are already listed above. 

How is WestJet different from Air Canada? 

There are various reasons why WestJet is different from Air Canada, and there is an answer Is WestJet or Air Canada safer? You follow the pointers written below and figure out why Air Canada is better than WestJet in many ways. 

  • The frequent flyer program or the reward system of WestJet is better than Air Canada. WestJet provides you with the dollar, which is accepted as Canadian currency for your future booking, and these rewards never expire. While Air Canada calculates the reward based on how much you have spent with them each year, and their reward point expires in a period of inactivity. So, WestJet is far better on the reward points. 
  • You have a better seating option on the WestJet option and have the seats divided into five parts; International Business class, International premium economy, economy, premium seats, and then again, domestic economy. 
  • Also, when you want a more personalized and friendlier option, then you should go for WestJet airlines. As it is a smaller airline, you will find more at home with WestJet Airlines.

Is WestJet cheaper than Air Canada? 

Though WestJet airline is a low-cost airline and is smaller than Air Canada, so, it is natural for the prices to be a bit lower than Air Canada. However, the irony to “is WestJet cheaper than Air Canada” is that both rule over the market of the Canadian Aviation Industry, so the prices of both the airlines are similar in a certain manner, and not much difference can be spotted between the two. 

Who has more legroom, Air Canada or WestJet?

Now, when it comes to the legroom, Air Canada provides the maximum legroom of up to 38 inches. The legroom of WestJet flights goes up to 31 - 32 inches. The legroom for both the airlines differs on the class and cabin you have booked. Air Canada is roomier and has more space to offer its passengers. However, WestJet airline is one of the most friendly and has the best way of treating its passengers. Both the airlines have variations to offer you; it depends on you to choose the airlines that support you the best.

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