Is Volaris cheaper than Aeromexico? 

If you want to travel an affordable journey with your loved ones, you need to have a cheaper flight ticket because having a budgeted journey can solve half of your problem. But you are wondering which the best airline out of Volaris and Aeromexico is. Then there are some of the points mentioned below that will perfectly answer your question: which is better, Volaris or Aeromexico? So that you can conclude this is the cheaper option out of these two massive airlines that are very important in the US-Mexico airline routes. 

According to travel experts, the Aeromexico flight fare is quite decent. Still, on the other hand, Volaris has surprised the airline industry by introducing the lowest prices in the economy, premium economy, business, and first class. 

Which is better, Aeromexico or Volaris?

Aeromexico and Volaris are both responsible for providing ample service at a convenient rate. These airlines deliver facilities that can fully fill everyone's needs without delay. Still, if you go for Aeromexico vs. Volaris, you can filter some of the specialties of the airlines. With the help of this, you can go through the airline's facility and book a flight ticket according to your convenience.

Airline food service 

  • Aeromexico offers a wide range of multi-cuisine facilities. The airline provides snacks like cookies, bakery nuts, and other mouthwatering foods. If your flight is 3 to 6 hours in length, you can receive a full heartfelt meal that can enhance your taste bud.
  • On the other hand, if your travel with the Volaris offers some hot and cooked meals after eating, you will feel relaxed and comfortable. In case your flight journey is long, you can receive a specialty dietary meal according to your requirement. The main aim is to make the airline satisfied.

Airline inflight entertainment

  • Aeromexico provides a VCR set up on your seat in which you can enjoy free movies, TV series, and music in different languages. Moreover, you will get a lean-back seat facility to enjoy your shows on those screens attached to the front of you. You can also go through the magazines that are free to read. Airlines make it easier for you by providing an airline app that can download and stream your shows so that you will stay energized while completing your journey.
  • Volaris provides you with the V magazine. You can go through it any time and go through the products to purchase them on the flight. Moreover, you will get a headset so that no one can disturb you between your shows.

Drinks and alcohol 

  • You will get both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks at the Aeromexico as a complimentary. But according to the airline policy, the alcoholic drink will be served after 11 am, including beer, wine, and the famous Mexican spirit tequila that will give you a pleasant experience in your body and give the taste of Mexican culture. Moreover, you can enjoy freshly brewed coffee and drinks, including juices.
  • Volaris provides a TV screen facility and beverages and assorted drinks so that you can enjoy shows while having your drinks. The drinks are classy, and spirits can give you an unforgettable taste of the culture and will be served once you settle at your seat on the flight.
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