What is the baggage allowance for Iberia?

First, we must know what baggage allowance is. The maximum amount of baggage you can carry as a passenger is called Baggage allowance. It includes both cabins and checked-in baggage, along with assistive devices, infant seats, infant bags, etc. Every Airline has a precise and definite baggage policy where restricted items and items that can be carried as baggage are mentioned in detail.

According to the Iberia baggage policy, the maximum limit for baggage differs according to the class and destination of the ticket on Iberia. The ticket of the passenger will determine the limit of their baggage. The maximum limit of baggage a passenger is allowed to carry on an Iberia flight is as follows:

Cabin Baggage:

  • For economy class: one cabin baggage that should not exceed 10 kg and one personal accessory that measures up to 40*30*15 cm.
  • For business class (short distance): one cabin baggage that should not exceed 14 kg and one personal accessory that measures up to 40*30*15 cm.
  • For business plus (long distance): two cabin baggage that should not exceed 14 kgs and one personal accessory measuring up to 40*30*15
  • A laptop bag, one airport purchase, and one ladies' purse can be included in the cabin baggage.
  • An assistive device for a differently abled person can be taken onboard with Iberia's permission.

This cabin baggage must fit on the overhead counter in the flight or below the seat. Besides, if you are traveling with an infant, you can carry an extra bag for baby food and other baby items.

Checked Baggage:

  • You can carry checked baggage of 23 kgs or 158 cm with a maximum of 32 kgs. You will have to pay for baggage weighing more than 23 kg. 
  • Iberia does not allow any baggage weighing more than 32 kg per person.
  • However, under exceptional circumstances and on payment of extra charges, a passenger can carry excess baggage to a specific limit.

Excess baggage:

  • Anything above the permitted weight will be called excess baggage, and a passenger has to pay the charges for carrying the excess baggage.
  • The excess baggage rates will depend on the amount of extra weight, class, and destination of the passenger.

Additional baggage:

  • Iberia allows additional baggage under exceptional circumstances, which can count to 9 extra bags.
  • You will have to book the additional baggage before your journey's date and pay the extra baggage charges.
  • You can book the additional baggage online through manage my booking or online check-in.

Does Iberia charge for carry-on bags?

According to the Iberia baggage allowance, the following rules apply to carry-on bags.

  •  If a passenger carries a restricted item in a carry-on bag, it may be removed from the passenger’s possession and put on hold at €‎ 50 per item.
  •  In a fully booked Iberia flight, excess hand baggage can be removed, and in such cases, no extra charges will be levied on the passenger. 
  •  Any item that supposedly will not fit in the overhead luggage bin or under the passenger seat can be kept on hold for free and returned to the passenger after reaching the destination.
  • This will not include any assistive devices for a specially-abled person. 
  • This will not include any electronic devices like laptops or portable music player.

Is Iberia strict with baggage?

Yes, Iberia clearly states that the allowance and restrictions laid down for the maximum limit of the baggage must be complied with along with the Iberia baggage fees for excess baggage. The following points given below should be considered while traveling with Iberia for knowing about baggage limit:

  • For checked baggage: maximum 23 kgs or 158cm permitted up to 32kgs.
  • For carry-on baggage: according to the class

               Economy: one piece with a maximum limit of 10kgs

               Business: one piece with a maximum limit of 14kgs

  • One accessory is permitted as cabin baggage for all classes of Iberia.
  • Any excess baggage will be charged according to the travel class and destination. 
  • No restricted items will be allowed both on checked or carry-on baggage.
  • You can include a laptop bag, an airport purchase bag, or a baby bag with the permitted hand baggage.
  • All carry-on baggage should fit into the overhead bin or below the seat.
  • If you carry any additional baggage, you can carry up to 9 bags and book them along with your tickets or include them in your baggage through the online booking management process or during online check-in. You will pay the extra charges for the additional baggage included in the ticket.
  • If you are traveling with any sports instrument, musical instrument, or assistive device like a wheelchair, you have to book it online through manage my booking and pay for it before you reach the airport for the scheduled flight.
  • Ensure that the sports equipment or the musical instrument is packed as per the requirement of Iberia before checking it in.
  • Any item that poses a security threat cannot be carried on an Iberia flight.
  • All checked-in baggage must be tagged appropriately with the passenger’s full name, contact number, and address.
  • No valuable items like cash, jewelry, or expensive stuff should be put in the checked baggage.

The entire luggage a passenger carries on an Iberia flight, whether it is checked baggage or carry-on, must strictly adhere to the rules of Iberia Airlines and follow the baggage rules to the core.

How much for an extra checked bag on Iberia?

You can carry the extra checked baggage with Iberia following the below conditions:

For Iberia baggage allowance business class:

If you are traveling on business class of Iberia and you can carry excess baggage for free if you are traveling to or from:

  • United States of America
  • Mexico
  • Canada
  • Latin America
  • Asia
  • South Africa
  • Domestic
  • Europe
  • North America
  • Middle East.

To summarize, if you are flying with an Iberia, to or from any of these countries in a business class, no charges will be levied on the extra baggage you carry on the flight. 

For Iberia baggage allowance economy: 

If you are traveling in the economy class of Iberia and you have extra baggage, you will have to pay the following fees:

  • For the United States of America, Mexico, and Canada: for premium economy/economy 75 Euro/100 USD
  • For Latin America, Asia, and South Africa: for premium economy100 Euro/110 USD
  • For domestic, Europe, North America, and Middle East: for economy 12 - 15 Euro per kg.

For more information on the baggage rules and regulations under the Iberia baggage policy, you can call Iberia customer service or drop an email for baggage queries. A passenger must have complete knowledge of the baggage instructions of Iberia to avoid any inconvenience during the journey.

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