Guide to visiting Bulgaria

If you want to visit Bulgaria, the land of beautiful mountains, breathtaking scenery, and calm river. Known for its majestic vibes and amazing views, Bulgaria is for you. When you have decided to visit Bulgaria, know that you are giving yourself a chance to heal and pamper yourself. So, here’s a short guide for you to visit Bulgaria, and all of your questions are answered here; 

What is the best month to go to Bulgaria? 

The best time to visit Bulgaria is between April and June. The seasons play a major role when you visit someplace and have fun. So, from April to July, it is the Spring season, and who doesn’t like the warm breeze yet calmness in their surroundings? You can see the most beautiful sight of Bulgaria during Spring, and there are not many travelers who travel during this period of the month, so the flight prices are very low. 

There are a lot of other ways as well through which you can travel cheaply and get the best prices for your flight ticket to Bulgaria. They are as listed below: 

Use Incognito Browser - You should always use the incognito browser; when you visit the same website with the same browser repeatedly, you are sure to leave a part of your activity behind. And the airline will track down why you visited the flight. So, you will see the hiked prices of the same flight that was cheap before. 

Travel during the mid-week - If you want to book the flight at the cheapest time to visit Bulgaria, then you are to travel during the middle of the week. There is not much traveling during the weekdays, and you find the flight prices very cheap and low on the budget to book the ticket. The middle of the week is one of the best times for booking your flight. 

Travel during red hours - Another best time to visit Bulgaria and to book the flight is to do it at the time when no one travels. There are very few travelers in the early morning, and late at night, so you can get cheap flight tickets. 

Use the discounted voucher and accumulated miles - If you have got some vouchers or have saved some miles with any airline you want to travel with. Then, you can get the flight prices at a less price. The miles and vouchers will only lessen your flight prices; you can get the best deal, too, easily. 

Is Bulgaria cheap to go to?

Bulgaria is one of the cheap destinations in Europe to visit. When on a tight budget, Bulgaria can be one of the best and most worthy places to visit as the historical sites, and all other attractions are very within the budget in Bulgaria. 

What part of Bulgaria has the best climate? 

The best climate definition varies from passenger to passenger. What you call the best climate may not be the best climate for others. But, otherwise, if anything, the best place to visit in Bulgaria, as per the best climate, has to be Sandankshi and Petrich, both in Southwest Bulgaria. The weather there is very nice and warm, guaranteeing eight months or so of a T-shirt and wearing it freely. You will not experience a very strong winter, only mildness with very rare snowfalls. That’s the best climate, and the above are the best places to visit. 

How much will it cost to visit Bulgaria?

The average cost to visit Bulgaria is USD 200 - USD 300 a day. However, when you are looking for an involved cost of seven days, it is USD 800 for seven days, $ 1500 for a couple, or $ 1000 for a family of 4 members. Bulgaria is one of the cheapest places to visit in Europe; you are sure to enjoy yourself the best on a tight budget. 

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