Is Qatar Airways better than Etihad?

When you have planned the trip via air transport. If you are confused about choosing between Etihad Airways and Qatar Airways, then worry not about that because here you can compare these airlines regarding the services they offer to avoid the query, such as Etihad or Qatar airways which is better. And the points of differentiation have been displayed beneath:-

Skytrax rating 

Skytrax is the site that provides ratings and reviews to the airline based on its airport services, onboard facilities, and staff service. And Etihad Airlines has received four stars based on its services and facilities. Qatar became one of the first airlines to receive a five-star rating. So, according to the ratings, Qatar Airlines can be considered better.

Etihad vs. Qatar economy class

When you wish to book a ticket in economy class on either of the airlines, then carry on reading here, and you learn about the comparison of Etihad vs Qatar economy class. On Etihad Airlines, the seat layout is three by three but does not have much space. Qatar airline's seat layout is 3-4-3 but has space for legroom and a headrest. And according to the Skytrax rating of economy class, Etihad airline gets three and a half for both long and short-haul flights, and Qatar airline receives four and a half for short haul and five for long haul flights.

Etihad vs. Qatar business class

According to the ratings, you might be able to answer for the comparison of Etihad vs Qatar business class if you are looking to make a reservation in the business class. In that case, Qatar Airlines might be better because it has a five-star rating for the long haul and four and a half for the short haul, but Etihad Airlines gets a four-star rating. Apart from this, the services offered in Etihad business class are amenities boxes with a lot of space; you can get fresh meals, and the seats are more comfortable. But Qatar Airlines has an amenity box with onboard hospitality, and the seating can convert to flatbeds. But Etihad Airlines does not offer business-class short-haul flights.

Inflight entertainment 

When you have purchased the ticket with either of the airlines, then you can get different inflight facilities on both airlines. On Qatar Airlines, you can get the screen in the front seats, and you can watch TV shows and movies with the in-seat power, listen to songs and get the inflight wifi with speed. But on the Etihad Airline, you can get the screen in the front seats but cannot get the wifi or charging facilities. Thus, as per your requirement, you can choose either airline because they both offer the facilities in better. If you wish to have additional benefits, you can speak with the airline customer service team of the respective airline.


While comparing the airline, the important feature is the event that one can get after becoming a member of the airline. And on the Etihad airline, you can earn miles by traveling and then use it for your purpose or transfer it to another member. And on Qatar Airlines, you can subscribe to the privileged member and get Flexi awards, and priority standby, and you can pay via Avios in Qatar duty-free shops. And by traveling rapidly, you can also upgrade your class, such as silver, gold, and platinum, and then you can also upgrade the benefits. So as per your travel requirements, you can choose to become a member of your respective airline and avail of their benefits.

Hence, all the benefits that have been mentioned here can help you through the confusion between Etihad vs. Qatar airways. And if you have any confusion regarding any of the facilities, then you can contact the customer service team of the particular airline and have resolutions.

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