Detailed procedure of Air Canada seat selection

If we see the most important aspect of traveling, we will find that selection of the seats plays an important role. The passengers have different demands in selecting the seats. Some go for window seats, and others go for the aisle. However, every passenger does not get the preferred seat and the reason being the no or late selection. It lowers the chances of getting the preferred seat. This does not mean that you can’t get the seat as all that is needed is the right knowledge of making the reservation.

The process of selecting the seats in Air Canada: Guidelines

Air Canada provides its seat selection guidelines and the tools to make the selection easier for you. So, if you think that you need to make the Air Canada seat selection process as your preference, you can go for reading this.

Guidelines related to the seat selection policy of Air Canada:

  • The airline lets you make free selection at the time of the airport.
  • However, if you are deciding to book the seats in advance, then the fee will be dependent on the destination and the type of fare.

Let us now see the booking of the seat in the check-in option:

  • You need to first navigate to the official website of Air Canada and go to the check-in tab.
  • Then, fill in your first and the last name, departure city, and the booking reference number
  • Click on the check-in button and fetch the booking in which you need to select the seats.
  • Select your seats and hit the next button to pay for the seats
  • Now, you can print your boarding pass before your scheduled departure.

You will have to pay the Air Canada seat selection fee after choosing the seats in the airline. You can come in contact with the customer care representatives to know more about the process of seat selection. They will revert you with all the necessary details and will assist you in their best possible way.

Now you can also go for Air Canada seat booking by going in the section of Manage booking. You can do this by logging in to the official website of Air Canada. Well, the passengers have the facility of booking the seat both ways. You can choose the desired one. The executives will explain to you everything about the issue and will guide you to the fullest. You can call them at any time to seek their aid.

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