How to add baggage in Srilankan Airlines?

Srilankan Airlines is the largest airline serving southern India and the Maldives. It flies to 112 destinations and 58 territories. You can add baggage on Sri Lankan Airlines during the booking of your flight or after the ticket is purchased by going to the 'manage my booking' option on its official website, and it can also be done before the 3 hours of the scheduled departure. You can also find discounts when adding baggage. However, Srilankan baggage allowance for students is different as Srilankan Airlines provides a special offer to students who register under the program; it is for pre-registered students with the Srilankan airline website, and the process will take around seven days if you have all the required documents. 

How can I increase my baggage allowance?

You can increase the baggage allowance at Sri Lankan Airlines online while purchasing your ticket at the website with easy steps, and you can also increase the baggage allowance after your ticket is purchased by the following steps, which is also the most convenient way and can be done at the airport. Your baggage allowance can be increased with the charges you would have to pay when asked, which could be USD 50 per oversized bag.

  • Visit Srilankan Airlines official website and click on the 'manage booking' option present on the screen. Fill in your required details on the screen, and you will be taken to the summary page of your booking; you can proceed with the changes you want to make to your ticket regarding the baggage allowance, pay the amount if asked, and confirm it.

  • You can also increase the baggage allowance through a call by dialing '17322050017', and after following some IVR instructions, you will be directly connected to the customer service executive or representative; you can request and ask them there to increase the baggage allowance, pay the charges asked and you will be done with the process.

  • You can also visit the airport and connect to the customer service agent at the ticket offices and request the extra baggage allowance; they will provide you with the same if available after paying the charges applied for the oversized bag.

Can I carry two baggage on Srilankan Airlines?

If you are done with buying the ticket, then your current baggage allowance will be mentioned in your e-ticket; the baggage allowance varies depending on the fare you are applying for; if you are traveling through business class, then two pieces are allowed in the baggage allowance in the cabin, while in the economy class, only one piece is allowed. The weight of each piece should not exceed 32kg at any cost. The passenger seat can carry a maximum weight of 75 kg as the seat baggage. Check with the ticketing agent for the applicable fare and conditions for the carriage of baggage.

What is Srilankan Airlines' weight limit?

When you get an e-ticket after completing the booking process, the Srilankan Airlines baggage weight limit allowance for the baggage is also mentioned there; you can also buy an extra baggage allowance even after purchasing the ticket by going into the 'manage my booking' option, and you will then be allowed to make the changes regarding the allowance of baggage. but the actual size and weight of the baggage is mentioned below;

  • the baggage size is allowed to be 158 cm and should not exceed this.

  • The total weight allowed in the economy class of Srilankan Airlines is up to 32kg and should not exceed this.

  • The business class allowance for baggage is up to 40kg of weight.

  • The changes at the time of pre-purchased baggage can be made accessible up to 24 hours after the flight's scheduled departure.

  • the infant tickets are not eligible for the pre-paid baggage rates

  • The refund fee for the pre-purchased baggage is up to USD 100.

How strict is Srilankan Airline baggage allowance?

As with any other airline, the Srilankan Airline baggage allowance is also strict, and a passenger cannot check in with extra baggage weight and have to carry the baggage with the weight mentioned in their ticket; if the piece is overweight than the mentioned, the passengers should have to pay the asked charge that can be of $50 per oversized bag. Also, accepting oversized bags will depend on the aircraft type; it does not apply to sporting equipment because they are handled separately. There are also some rules and regulations for it that you should know;

  • The pre-paid baggage can only be purchased once as per the travel itinerary.

  • The items are allowed according to their weight, size, or nature and are only accepted with the consent of the operator.

  • For security reasons, there are restrictions on liquids, aerosols, and gels in hand baggage.

  • Items refused by the security screening are hold-checked as per the operator's policy.

How many kg are allowed in Srilankan Airlines for economy class?

As mentioned above, the weight allowed by Srilankan Airlines baggage allowance for economy class is 30kg maximum weight per piece. And if you carry more than 30 kg of weight in the economy, you would have to pay the charges that are applied when the weight is exceeded compared to the actual weight that is allowed for the economy class in Srilankan Airlines; the charges that you have to pay are up to USD 50 to 250 as the rate applies accordingly per bag.


Hope you got all the answers you sought in the information above. All your questions related to the baggage allowance at Srilankan Airlines, such as how to add baggage, how to increase the baggage allowance in Srilankan Airlines, how much baggage you can carry in the Srilankan airline, the weight limit for the baggage, the strictness of the Srilankan airlines for the baggage allowance, are now cleared. You will not face any issues while going through the same.

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