Can you cancel Sun Country within 24 hours?

Passengers can cancel Sun Country booked flight tickets only for reservations made directly with Sun Country's official website. You can proceed for Sun Country cancel reservations within 24 hours for free, and it is valid for all fare types of domestic or international flights. Still, one condition applies here: the departure must be seven days away. Passengers can cancel the itinerary via customer support phone number, Manage Booking, or visit the Airport office.

Sun Country Cancellation Policy:

If you want to cancel the reservations after 24 hours, then some other terms and conditions are followed under Sun Country's cancellation policy to make it more transparent. Understanding the airline cancellation policy is essential in case unexpected circumstances arise. The main highlights of the policy are discussed below.

  • Passengers are not supposed to cancel the non-refundable tickets outside the 24-hour window.
  • Sun Country travelers can cancel the refundable tickets anytime and get a complete refund without penalty.
  • Airlines allow their travelers to cancel any tickets, including the non-refundable fares, and get a full refund at least 60 days before the departure day.
  • Suppose the scheduled flight is delayed for more than 6 hours, then the passengers can send the request for a complete refund of the unused portion.
  • If the traveler is denied boarding, you should get a full refund.
  • If the Airline cancels the Sun Country scheduled flight, the travelers are liable to request a free flight change.
  • You should pay the cancellation fee, which depends on the time of your cancellation, the fare type, and the route the customer has booked.
  • If the passenger has canceled the booked flight, then there is a chance that the Airline will offer future travel credit instead of a refund.

Sun Country Cancellation Fee:

According to the Airline policy, the Sun Country cancellation fee may vary depending on the time, fare type, and route you booked.

Passengers may not be charged any cancellation fee under two circumstances – 

  1. If the cancellation request is made at least 60 days before departure,
  2. If you cancel the booked flight within 24 hours of Booking, the departure time must be seven days away.
  • You may be required to pay the USD 39 as a cancellation fee if the cancellation is made at least 15 days before the departure day.
  • Sun Country travelers will be charged a cancellation fee of USD 79 if the tickets are canceled at least ten days before the departure time.

How much time will the Sun Country refund process take?

As per the Airline policy terms and conditions, the Sun Country cancellation refund process time is based on the payment mode used by the traveler while booking the flight ticket.

  • Refund requests for the tickets purchased within seven working days will be processed within seven working days.
  • The refund process will take 20 business days for the purchased tickets through cash/ check.
  • Sun Country processed the refund only using the original payment method.

How to cancel a Sun Country Flight online?

Generally, the airline provides multiple ways to cancel the booking online, via the customer support number, or at the airport ticket counter. Most people prefer the Manage Booking option to cancel the existing reservations. To understand the detailed process, customers should check the given data.

  • You should visit the Sun Country Airlines official website.
  • Now scroll the homepage and select the My Trip option on the menu bar.
  • Here, you need to enter the booking confirmation code's last name and six digits.
  • After that, the passenger should tap on the Manage My Trip section.
  • The complete itinerary will be displayed here, and follow the given directions to cancel the existing booking.

Sun Country Cancellation process via customer support number:

Passengers who are unable to cancel the booked flight ticket online due to any technical error and more then you can switch to contact the representative via the customer service number. Kindly do the following to get connected with the live agent.

  • Customers must dial +1651-905-2737 and wait for the help desk agent.
  • You must share the necessary reservation details, including the booking confirmation number and name mentioned on the itinerary.
  • The airline representative will check if the canceled ticket is liable for free cancellation or if fees will be imposed.
  • The agent will let you know the refund value and then cancel it.
  • Once the cancellation process is completed, the Airline will send the confirmation email to the valid email address.

Cancel Sun Country Flight Ticket at the Airport:

If you wish to cancel the scheduled flight at the last minute, we suggest the traveler approach the Airport help desk executive. But you should ensure the flight is operated by the Sun Country Airline. If you have completed the check-in, then no cancellation is allowed.

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