How do I take my dog on a plane Avianca?

Avianca operates ten Latin American airlines based on standard code-sharing systems for flight service. Sometimes, situations arise where you cannot leave your domestic pets alone in the house and like to travel on an Avianca flight. Before going with plane services, check the Avianca Pet Requirements from its official web page or stick with the discussed details for complete knowledge. Avianca Airlines will permit all of you and your pets to continue the flight journey only with some limited restrictions.

Fill out Online forms to take the Avianca domestic Pet:

You can complete the Online form to take domestic pets at Avianca Airlines. But, before filling out the Online form, you should ensure that Avianca Pet Carrier Size is within the limit according to the Airline's rules. Also, some specific steps are used to add the Pet allowance facility while going with Avianca flights to any required destinations.

  • Navigate to the Avianca Airlines Home Page:

  • From the Your Booking, go with the Manage Booking.

  • After reaching the Manage Booking page, you can choose the Pet on board option.

  • You can complete the Online form by entering your name and signature as the Pet in charge.

  • Also, fill out other necessary details in the form, like origin, destination, flight number, and date on which you want to carry Pet.

  • Once the online form is completed, submit it and bring the relevant Pet allowance documents while traveling with Avianca. 

What are salient rules and regulations while carrying Pets on Avianca flights?

Some salient rules must be considered while carrying pets at Avianca Airlines. The reasonable Avianca Pet Policy is essential, and it will decide which particular animals are allowed on the flights and what precautions you should focus on while flying with your domestic dogs or cats. Additionally, some of the essential rules regarding pet allowance are highlighted in the steps below.

  • According to the policy, you can carry one Emotional dog or two service dogs on Avianca flights.

  • An emotional support dog, weighing approximately 22 pounds, can fly in the CabinCabin.  

  • Otherwise, if an emotional pet animal's weight exceeds 22 lb to 154 lb, including the container, it can be withheld in the Avianca flight.

  • Flexible containers of size are required up to 22X14X10 inches when Pets travel in the CabinCabin, and a rigid container is required for dog fly-in hold.

  • While using Avianca flights with a service dog, you do not need to use a container for Pet transportation.

  • Pets weighing 22 pounds should be placed under the cabin seats before you.

  • No two domestic Pets can carry the same container in any way.

  • For the Pet allowance facility, you can add the services online or by calling customer agents before 48 hours of actual departure.

  • At the Airport, you and your pets must be present 2 hours before scheduled trips.

  • While carrying the dog, you should travel with a Pet vaccination card and health inspection certificate.  

What breeds are restricted in Avianca?

Avianca restricts all Pet breeds when you want to travel with your domestic dogs or cats. When some of these Pet breeds come in contact with heat, pressure, and stress, they may face breathing challenges. So, to prevent any suffocation, these breeds are restricted from using Avianca flights. You can check the pet breed list at the points below.

  • Dog Breeds: Griffon Belga, Deutscher Boxer, Bulldogs, Boston Terrier, French Bulldog, Petit Brabancon, Pekingese Pekinés, and King Charles Spaniel.

  • Cats Breeds: Burmese, Himalaya, Exotic Short Hair, and Persa.

Are there any fees for Avianca Pet? 

When you carry your Pet according to the Avianca Airlines policy, there will be additional charges. The average Avianca Pet Fee may vary from $48 for domestic and approximately between $60 and $230 on any international routes. So, it is advised to go with the Pet only after verifying the actual cost and making the successful payments.

Do Dimensions matter while carrying a Pet at Avianca?

Only some particular dimensions of pets are permitted at Avianca Airlines when you want to use flights with your domestic dogs or pets. However, the allowable Avianca Pet Carrier Dimensions are 55X35X25 cm or 22X14X10 inches, including the overall container, according to the strict policy. So, be sure about the containers and Pet dimensions when you carry them on the Avianca flights for comfortable traveling.

Can I transport Pet through Avianca Cargo services?

Yes, you can transport pets even through the Avianca Airlines cargo services if your dog's size exceeds the permissible limit and cannot be carried on the passenger's flights. So, for your convenience, Avianca Pet Cargo allowed some big animals, such as dogs and horses, which do not fit under the Cabin or container.  

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