How much does it cost to change your name on a Ryanair flight?

Once you have made your bookings with Ryanair and need to make some changes to your flight ticket, such as the name, you notice some spelling errors that require corrections, but for that, you need to know about the Ryanair name change policy, procedures, and the cost you have to pay for the name change. When you are enlightened about the name change, then going through it will become easy and convenient for you. Changing your flight details will be easy as we discuss all the mediums through which you can change the name.

What is Ryanair's name change policy?

Several terms and conditions are included in Ryanair's name change policy, and you should get through all these guidelines carefully for a smooth name change. We have mentioned all the rules and regulations below:

  • If you want to avoid paying the name change charges with Ryanair, you should do it within 24 hours of ticket booking.
  • If you need to make minor changes to your ticket booking, such as spelling mistakes, adding or removing a letter from the name, etc., then you do not have to pay any cost for it. 
  • According to the Ryanair name change policy, you can change the first three letters of the name for free.
  • You are not permitted to change the full name on the ticket as it can be considered a ticket transfer, which is prohibited at Ryanair.
  • You can do that if you recently got divorced or married and need to change the name accordingly. 
  • However, you must pay the name change charges for the above reasons.
  • There are some significant changes, such as the surname, date of birth, gender, middle name, surname, etc., for which you have to pay the name change cost.
  • Changes such as missing words, spelling mistakes, or removing a word do not require any charges or permission from the Airline. 
  • You can change your name on the ticket within 24 hours for free; however, the last-to-last name change is allowed 3 hours before the scheduled flight. 
  • The charges you have to pay for the name change with Ryanair depend on the class, destination, reason, ticket type, and the time of the name change. 

How can I change my name on the Ryanair flight ticket online?

You can change your name on the flight ticket by using the online process. It will be quick, and you do not have to contact customer service. The Manage Booking lets you modify the flight ticket, such as changing the name. We have discussed the method below so that you can change the name easily:  

  • Visit the official website of Ryanair.
  • Click on My Bookings at the top right corner of the page.
  • Add the email address and the password to open the account.
  • Navigate to the Menu given at the top right corner and select Name Change from the given options.
  • A form will open, and you must fill out all the details to correct your name.

Can I change the name on the Ryanair ticket via the phone?

You can contact the Airline to change the name to save time. You have to provide your ticket details and the changes you require to your name to make it convenient for the executives to correct the name. The following process will help you talk to the customer service representative on the phone: 

  • Dial +35312555212 /+3 531-582-5932 is the customer service phone number to talk to the executives.
  • You will be enlightened about how to get through the calling process at Ryanair.
  • Followed by an IVR menu that holds different queries on various keys.
  • You need to press the key closely connected to the name change, and the call will be forwarded.
  • The executives will be there with whom you can share your concerns so they can resolve them instantly and make the required changes to your name.

How much do I have to pay for a name change with Ryanair?

If you find any errors in your name on the Ryanair flight ticket, you can change it. The Airline permits several changes free of charge, but few changes require the name change cost. Though these charges depend on the class, location, ticket type, and the time of name changes, mainly the Ryanair name change fee ranges from $20 to $60. You can pay this fee by visiting the official website of Ryanair. 

Conclusion: All the information that will be mandatory for the name change with Ryanair has been discussed. You need to get through it carefully to make changes to the name smoothly. If you still have some queries, you can get to the official website of Ryanair. 

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