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American Airlines is one of the most popular travel agencies in terms of offering flight booking and cancellation process simply. But if you want to gain maximum benefits from the flight service you may select group travel. American Airlines is together with a regional partner that offers an average of nearly 6000 flights daily to 400 destinations in 50 countries. American Airlines is at the top offering an amazing group booking policy in order to provide maximum benefits and help every time. It is a group of the world’s leading airlines, committed to providing the highest level of service in order to provide amazing discounts simply.

How to book American airlines group travel tickets?

It is important to know the price of flight tickets when you are selecting a group booking. But you might be good to select the cheaper flights with American Airlines when you are going for the booking. Airfare as part of a group is cheaper and you can book your flight ticket online simply. However, if you face an error and you are not able to book a group of 10 or more passengers you can contact customer agents who will provide you immediate help in terms of booking and canceling a flight ticket online simply.

Benefits of American airlines group travel

You must contact American Airlines using the Group Travel Request Form and you need to wait for the flight booking and its managing task that will provide you immediate help instantly. There is also the benefit of the American Airlines group travel discount that helps to manage your flight in all respects easily. For that, you need to contact a customer agent who will provide you instant help and perfect information for all the simply.

Here are the ways to go for the American Airlines group travel with ease:

  • First of all, you need to visit the booking website and click on the booking tab and select the round trip button if you want to travel for both sides.
  • Now you may have to select the group booking and enter the passenger’s name and mobile phone number into the fields.
  • You have to select a flight from the search menu and move to the next to book with advanced features and services.
  • Click on the advanced button and select a delicious meal, entertainment, free Wi-Fi, and much more simply
  • Now you have to click on the bank where you have to select the amount to book your flight ticket online at the end of the task.

If you still face any error and you are not able to select a travel group you can make a call at the American Airlines group travel phone number that is 24 by 7.  

Official weblink: https://www.aa.com

Regarding group travel visit: https://www.aa.com/i18n/customer-service/programs-products/group-meeting-travel-terms.jsp

Contact meeting services at: 800-433-1790

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