Accumulate knowledge to contact Avianca at the San Francisco airport

Resolving the queries such as flight status, airport parking, TSA check-in, etc., is essential before the flight departure date. To provide you with this assistance or important information, every airport has a representative facility, and San Francisco airport is one of them. There are several airlines whose number of flights operate regularly from this airport. If you are traveling with this airport through Avianca airlines, you can avail of multiple facilities such as special assistance for a disabled passenger, access luggage allowance, lounge access, etc. If you have any queries about Avianca airlines at this airport, you can also contact their help team. You need to read below for more information about connecting with them.

Avianca airlines contact number at San Francisco airport is below.

There are multiple Avianca San Francisco phone numbers for different queries provided by San Francisco airport, as it will help you save time, and you can directly reach the expert of that query. To know these contact numbers, you need to read below.

  • For General queries: 650.821.5600
  • San Francisco Airport help desk telephone number: 800.435.9736 or
  • 650.821.8211
  • For Wheelchair: 9-1-415-310-4434
  • To travel with pets: 650.821.8732
  • SFO Medical clinic: 650.821.5601
  • For Lost and found: Public areas: 650.821.7014or Send email on [email protected]
  • At security checkpoints: 650.457.2670 or use this email: [email protected]
  • For parking: 833.350.3010. To send an email for this, you can use this link [email protected]
  • To contact airport police: 650.821.7111
  • For Travel medicine: 650.821.5601
  • TSA pre enrolment center: 650.266.1900
  • For baggage assistance international terminal: 415.629.9307
  • For SFO Wi-Fi assistance: 855.415.9434
  • To contact the Noise office: 650.821.5100 or send an email to this [email protected]
  • For Noise complaints: 877.206.8290 or 650.821.4736
  • For Avianca baggage service: 650.821.6052
  • Avianca airlines customer services number: (800) 284-2622

Avianca airlines San Francisco airport office address

If you have any hard copy documents you want to show the representative, you can also reach the Avianca San Francisco office at the address below.

174 Airport Access Rd, San Francisco, CA 94128, USA

San Francisco international airport postal address

San Francisco International Airport

PO Box 8097

San Francisco, CA 94128-8097

San Francisco international airport code: SFO

San Francisco airport working hours

The San Francisco airport operates for 24 hours, but only those passengers are allowed who have a ticket between 10:00 PM to 06:00 AM. If your check-in or flight departure times are not between these times, you are not permitted on the airport premises.

San Francisco international airport official website: 

Avianca airlines official website: 

Contact Avianca airlines at San Francisco international airport by email.

You can also use the registered email id to send your query and get their possible solutions. You will get the official email address of SFO on their contact us page; from there, you need to compose an email by mentioning genuine details.

Avianca airlines San Francisco airport terminal

The Avianca San Francisco airport terminal varies as per the flight route; the terminal allotted to San Francisco airport is terminal 3 for domestic flights and terminal A for international flights. You can get the terminal information through your boarding pass or confirm the terminal by connecting with the representative.

Services provided by the Avianca office at the San Francisco airport are below.

Multiple services provide the Avianca airlines in San Francisco, which helps make your travel easy. If you want to know about these services, then you need to read below.

  • If you want to reserve a flight with Avianca airlines to visit your selected destination, you can reach their office and get proper assistance. After the bookings, if you want to modify the reservations such as cancelation, flight upgrade, etc., you can take help.
  • When making the account on Avianca or while traveling with Avianca, you can approach the representative if you redeem miles and need the information to use them. They will guide you in the best possible manner.
  • If you want to travel with more luggage, mention as per the Avianca airline policies and add access baggage in your bookings, then contact the representative for help.
  • On the flight departure date, if you want to reach the airport by using your vehicle and have a query related to airport parking, then take the help of a representative.
  • If you are traveling with any disabled passenger or passenger needing medical assistance, you can approach the help team to add service to your bookings.

Can you contact the Avianca help desk in San Francisco?

Yes, you are traveling with Avianca airlines, and your bookings are from San Francisco airport. In that case, you can reach the airport representative to get information about your booking status, policies, normal or TSA check-in, etc. The representative has detailed information about airlines and airports, and they will guide you properly.

To connect with them, you can follow the below points.

  • Make a call on this number (800) 284-2622
  • After this, choose the language in your are comfortable
  • Then, from the IVR instructions, you need to select that which suits your query
  • Lastly, the representative will see it and provide you with relevant information

By reading the above, you will know about the Avianca San Francisco airport phone number; if you get any issues resolving your queries, you can use alternative modes to connect, such as email or social media applications.

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