Can I be able to change the name on my Pegasus flight?

Pegasus Airlines doesn't permit a traveler to change a name on a confirmed reservation. Likewise, according to the Pegasus airlines name change policy, one can't move the booking to another person. If a name has been incorrectly spelled, one can change it by calling Pegasus customer care or by getting on their official site and using the "Manage Reservations" tab to look for the flight reservation. One can then pick the "change" choice to make the critical changes to the name and save changes. Now let’s check out the name change policy and the procedure. 

Pegasus Airlines Change Name Policies

  • A name can't be entirely changed once the booking has been confirmed. 
  • One can hope to change an incorrectly spelled name on any Pegasus Airline ticket that can hinder the expressed traveler from flying.
  • Pegasus can permit a traveler to Pegasus Airlines to change the name on a ticket if the person has had a legal name change as of late.
  • A name change handling expense will be charged if changes are done through customer care. 

Though that was all about the Pegasus name change policy, once you plan to change the name, remember that the airline will charge you to make any changes to your name, so what are the costs? Let’s have a look.  

What is the name change cost for the Pegasus Airlines ticket?

A Pegasus name change fee might be applied by Pegasus Airlines, whose sum can be around $100 to $200 depending upon the flight type. The person who searches does it require to pay the charges should know the costs to be paid if one contacts Pegasus customer care to help with the name change help.

How can I change a name on a Pegasus Airlines reservation?

  • One can change their names just for the situation where the traveler has undergone a legal name change.
  • One should contact Pegasus Airline customer care by calling them. This would require the traveler to introduce verification of the new name change.
  • The contact details of the Pegasus Airlines customer service can be obtained by tapping on the airline home page and tapping "Reach Us" at the top.
  • Dial the reasonable contact number to connect with the Pegasus Airlines representative and request help on the name change.
  • One can get some information about the interaction and process for effectively presenting the change to get the name changed.

Right incorrectly spelled name through the site:

Occasionally, Pegasus airlines change name on ticket might be placed and saved under the booking, and such errors might hamper the traveler's movement. In this manner, such incorrectly spelled words can be adjusted by going to the Pegasus home page with a refreshed program and using the Manage Reservation tab afterward. The people having the question about "How to Change My Name on Pegasus airlines, may know that for revising the name, the flight ticket can be booked by using the flight booking details. When the flight schedule website page comes up, one can choose the "Change" option to change the incorrectly spelled name. When the changes have been made, one can save them and trust that an email will come up.

In conclusion, Travelers can make changes in the flight name using the Pegasus name change flight online. Though, if you require any further details, you can contact the airline customer service team and do tell them that you need help. The best thing is that the airline customer service team is available 24*7 to assist the customers, so do contact them anytime. 

Official website:

Customer service: 011 90 850 250 6777

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