Can I Bring A Backpack and Carry On Baggage for Alaska Airline Flight?


Alaska Airline is a major player that has spread its wings to cover various directions where it operates. This airline has an advantage over others due to its amazing policies made in favor of its users. Talking about the baggage, Alaska established a special rule among the passengers. It allows all the passengers to bring a backpack and carry on baggage on its flights. However, there are strings attached to this rule as it is only allowed when it is small in size. Apart from it, you also need to follow some other rules that are made for you and relevant to your baggage.

Can I Bring A Backpack on Alaska Airlines?

Yes, you can take a backpack on your Alaska Airlines flight. This backpack allows you to carry important belongings with you. This airline allows the backpack only when it is counted as carry on luggage for you. It is done to make the process to board the plane of this airline smooth and flawless. The backpack which you want to bring should not exceed the acceptable size and weight standards made by the airline. Here, you need to follow these guidelines when you bring a backpack on an Alaska flight.

  • You can only bring the backpack on Alaska Airline when it fits under the seat of the person sitting before you.
  • It should be under or equal to 22" x 14" x 9" to be accepted as a carry on baggage or personal item.
  • The backpack should be small in size and it can also be placed on the overhead bin easily.

How Many Bags Can I Carry on Alaska Airlines?

You should always know about the total number of bags that you can carry on an Alaska flight. According to the official rules of the airline, you are allowed to bring at most 2 bags during your journey. This is a stringent rule and you can amend it only when you have proper permissions from the officials of the airline. The two bags which you can take include one carry on baggage and one personal item. This takes a total of 2 items of baggage which you can take while using Alaska Airlines. Here, you should bring only the small personal items which should not bother other passengers.

Can A Backpack Be A Personal Item Alaska Airline?

Yes, you can count a backpack as a personal item in an Alaska flight. But, you can do this only when you carry a backpack small in size and acceptable in shape. As per your official rule, you are required to carry the backpack only when it is filled with the information which you need to carry. Your backpack should not create any hassle for your co-passengers and if everything falls into place, you will get an acceptance to bring a backpack with you on an Alaska flight.

The details that are given above allow you to obtain all the necessary information about the baggage rules. If you are still confused about Can I Bring a Backpack on Alaska Airlines or not, connect with official Alaska support. You can do this through the process that is given to you through the official phone number, live chat, or email method.

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